How can Social Media Marketing help your business get online visibility?

How can Social Media Marketing help your business get online visibility?

The dynamics of doing a business has changed over the years. Previously, traditional businesses were more about setting up a store, stocking your goods and targeting the customers in your vicinity and gradually increase your reach through customer networking and quality service. The rates that were fixed prevailed for an area and usually, customers used to buy in small quantity if it’s expensive in that particular area. But, due to globalization and extreme Internet penetration, online marketplace and e-tailers can start a store from any place and sell across India. Customers have the benefit to choose from where to buy, what quality to buy, shipping options, Cash on Delivery and Credit card payment options and everything has made it more than important for a business to step up their game and use Social Media Marketing as an effective tool to get the online visibility.

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization have become important weapons to fight out the battle to win your customers to fulfill your target revenues. Just having an online store, blog or a listing will not ensure you sales but an effective social media marketing plan comprising of advanced planning on targeted audience and how can you engage with them is important.

Here are a few tips on how you can go about building an exciting Social Media Marketing plan and execute the same to make the most out of it.

Understand your Business and Product

The first step towards building an exceptional Social Media Marketing plan is to understand your own business and offerings that can make a difference in the life of customers.

Knowing more and more about the business will help you understand how you can target your customers well, increase the engagement; post the content that your followers want to see. With more engagement from followers, the network will grow and result in higher customer engagement and visibility.

What channel to focus?

The next step to take your business to the online visibility through Social Media Marketing is to look to which channels will you be targeting. Most of the business look for engagement through Facebook and Instagram. These are the most popular channels with the highest audience but never the less, other channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube etc. also exists and are equally engaging but it all boils down to your product or offering and the audience you are willing to target.

Just like no one size fits all, not every business can make the most of the channels that other businesses or their competitor make out from. You need to tweak your channel and can initially start with target two to three channel and see to it the  relevant audience is following your channel and you are able to reach them with your posts.

Organic v/s Paid Reach

Posting on regular basis helps in creating a better engagement with followers who can be your potential customers or brand carriers. Due to the business-based algorithm by various social media platforms, it has become inevitable for business to shed some budget for paid reach as well to cater to a larger chunk. You can select from various criteria’s like location, behavior, interest, gender etc. and tweak as per the need of the post.

Paid reach will help you better to get in touch with customers that match your target audience so chances for sales are higher. This can significantly increase online visibility and engagement.

Collaborate to Elaborate

In order to increase your visibility, it is important to collaborate with business within similar or complimentary foray. This will help you come out with various offers online through social media and can generate sales for both entities. Influencers can also play a good role in building an audience for your business online. They have their own niche and if you think that your product has got its ultimate superhero, they will charge you for it but can bring you the right audience and visibility that can result in future sales. Generating visibility by finding the best influencer is a very important strategy of Social Media Marketing plan.

Pay close attention to activities

Once you set up your channel, get a few followers who are your close friends and family, it’s now the time to increase your reach which can be done by planning well in advance different activities for your business that will be showcased on your social media business page. Just imagine how would you feel if someone just bombarded you with sales pitches and post everytime you log in? It is inevitable for a business to create an audience engaging post that can help generate sales as well apart from just creating brand visibility. Here is a list of a few activities that you can look forward to:

     1) Sales post that includes not just the product information but also various business details and information about different social media handles that they can follow.

     2) You can come up with different competition that can boost the engagement. You can tell them to like your page/handle and tag 3 to 5 friends to be able to be eligible for the contest. Provide your own merchandise as a giveaway and that will, in turn, bring you more loyal engagement and the customer base that will carry your brands to many people across.

     3) Create a fun section for increasing the engagement through meme and puzzles that will increase your visibility online. Make sure the fun factor doesn’t harm your brand and goes hand in hand with your business goals and product.

     4) Create different campaigns for differentiated target audiences so that segmented focus is achieved resulting in niche-based visibility through social media marketing.

     5) The time at which you share your post matters the most. Make a deep study of your audience interest and liking along with special timings that can provide you with the maximum reach. Higher visibility will ensure better engagement that will in-turn elevate the brand and sales too.

While Social Media Marketing is more about Brand Awareness, a mix of various strategies and platforms can deliver you the desired results of higher visibility. The pro tip here is, its best to hire a professional if you have a budget. Higher the brand awareness and visibility, better sales. It’s like making an investment for building your brand’s future.

Author Bio: Noel is an Expert SEO Consultant at Eminent InfoWeb LLP which is a SEO Company India, who is focused on developing businesses to expand sales online through increased website traffic and conversions. He also likes to share his knowledge through his content and has written down many articles related to Digital Marketing.

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