Top 5 Tips for Blogging Business Cards

Top 5 Tips for Blogging Business Cards

Finally, we have stepped into 2019 with new aspirations! It’s time of the year to let our blogging hopes fly high in the sky. It’s the right time to reap the benefits from blogging you’d been doing or starting from scratch. Whichever the case, you need business cards to get it the much-needed recognition off the Web of course. From blog conferences to bloggers’ meet up events, these cards are going to help you in many ways.

But do you know what to put on your blogging business cards? Well, it depends on the type of blogging goals you have in your mind. However, we have compiled a list of 5 tips for you to get started.

  1. What to put on your business cards?

Every business card has a name. You also need to include the URL of your blog and an email address. We suggest you put your social media account on it too. Add the links of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, since people find them more accessible to open on their smartphones or tablets.

Well, you can save space on your card by putting YourBlogProfile instead of printing the complete URL and then your blog profile. It’s really spaced efficient; isn’t it? And, witty of course! WINK, WINK

Putting a phone number is also essential as it allows people to reach you directly. Confused if you should put it or not because of privacy concerns? Follow below steps:

  • Log into your Google account and sign up with Google Voice.
  • Tell the assistant your location.
  • Based on your location, you will be given a free phone number.
  • Set up a Google voice number using your Google account. You can get this number redirected to any number you want.

Put a QR code on your business card as well. These not-a-barcode signs can be seen in many places. They can be scanned using a phone. Go to the QR Code generator to generate a QR Code for your blogging business.

Make sure to put the QR Code at the back of your card. The recipients will scan it with their phone, and it will take them to your site!

  1. Get a logo for your business card

You are about to turn your blog into a business you should get a logo. It is because a logo is what will uniquely identify your business. People tend to remember visuals for longer. Therefore, your card should match the theme of your blog. Make sure the logo isn’t too flashy but minimal, memorable and unique. Having a relevant logo with the same colors and design will easily create a unified connection.

  1. Give your card a personal but professional look

There on the Web, you will find many free templates. You can edit them as per your needs. However, the best way is to get it designed from a professional business card maker. Even a freelance designer would be great to do this task. After all, you want your card to look pretty, right? People know your blog for long more than your name. Handing people a visually sound business card means letting them say “I know this blog or yeah, I remember this!”

  1. Where to get them printed?

Where should you order your card from? That is an important question to ask yourself. Find out a reputed business card maker or agency that offers business card printing services. If possible, ask your friends for recommendations. Chances are you may find ones with super affordable rates. Designhill is a very affordable option to consider.

  1. Pick the right colors

Which one to pick, colorful or plain? If you find it challenging to decide, then align the business cards as per the theme of your blog. Pick similar colors or choose complementary ones carefully. When in doubt, use a color matching too.

  1. Simplicity is creativity

Using unusual or flashy materials in your card might look tempting, but it’s not feasible. In practical terms, simplicity is the mother of creativity. Opt for a minimal design with relevant information. Do not put extra details on your card as it will acquire the whole space.

  1. Consider readability

Your business card will inevitably end up in a trash bin if the information written on it is unreadable. The small text might appear readable on screen but looks smudged once printed. The text size shouldn’t be smaller than 8pt. Pick Comic Sans or calligraphic font for clarity.

Hope above tips will help you get an attractive business card for your blog.

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