Introduction Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) Number Traditional Gold Jewellery

People love to buy their traditional gold jewellery like gold kada, necklace sets, rings and especially gold mangalsutra on their special occasions. Along with the traditional one’s, people are also taking interest in what is new in the market and hence jewellers are also putting their efforts into providing their customers with the latest gold jewellery designs. But before buying any piece of jewellery, it is important to ensure that your gold ornaments contain the promised purity. Hence, the concept of Hallmarking is introduced.

To ensure the purity of gold and fineness, Hallmarking is announced. It provides a third-party guarantee to the customers about the purity and quality of the gold they are buying. Under the Hallmarking scheme, the jewellers submit their piece of jewellery to the Assaying and Hallmarking centres along with the declaration of its purity. If the centre finds it genuine and relevant as per the Indian Standard, they are granted a certificate of registration to sell the Hallmarked Jewellery.

It has been declared mandatory by the Government in around 256 districts of the country where the jewellers are bound to sell Hallmarked jewellery. The authentic jewellers who believe in selling genuine gold articles and silver jewellery for their customers have no issue registering themselves under the Hallmarking scheme.

Now, let us know about what is HUID and how it is beneficial for the customers while buying their traditional gold jewellery.

  1. It is a unique six-digit alphanumeric code that is a combination of numbers and letters. It is the unique identification number given to every piece of jewellery when they are submitted by the jewellers for Hallmarking. It is imprinted manually at the Assaying and Hallmarking Centre when meeting the criteria of purity of the gold.
  2. The main purpose of HUID is to enable the traceability of the piece of jewellery by giving a distinct identity to it. This is welcomed by the consumer groups. After getting many complaints about the purity of gold, this is introduced.
  3. The registration of the jewellers is done automatically in HUID based hallmarking. There is no human interference in it. The main aim is to check the Hallmarked jewellery is pure and is not mixed with any other metal. Hence, HUID is considered as a security system with no risk of data privacy or security in it.
  4. The system is made more for the benefit of customers. HUID-based hallmarking bring transparency to the system and ensures the consumer’s rights. Because of this surety, the faith in customers is increased and hence this is leading to the more annual consumption of gold.
  5. To check whether your piece of jewellery is hallmarked or not, check for 3 symbols engraved in the ornament. The 3 symbols are
  • The First one is the BIS logo which is a triangle shape symbol.
  • The second symbol indicates the purity and fineness of the gold.
  • The third symbol is the unique identification number i.e., HUID.
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Consider all the 3 symbols before buying your favourite piece of jewellery from an authentic jewellery store.

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