Home Improvement Wisdom: 6 Important Things to Consider for Your Home Remodeling Project

Home Improvement Wisdom: 6 Important Things to Consider for Your Home Remodeling Project

There is no doubt that a lot of homeowners these days are driven to renovate or remodel their home due to the influence of television programs dedicated to home makeovers. So home remodels are no longer just about necessity.

This can be considered a positive development because it ensures growth for the home and construction industry. Perhaps, the only issue of the home renovation or remodeling trend is that most folks launch into the project expecting a quick process similar to what they see on TV.

They believe that they can DIY a lot of things and guarantee professional-level results. Many are also quick to think that it would be a breeze to stick to their budget. Home remodeling contractors say that for any home improvement project, it’s imperative for clients to keep an open mind because surprises always occur and requirements turn out to be usually more than what’s initially expected.

So, if you will be embarking on a remodeling project, replacing wallpaper for example, for your home anytime soon, thorough preparation is clearly a must. To do this properly, here is a list of important things to consider straight from professionals and homeowners who have undertaken similar projects.

1. Legwork

If you want to be on top of the project, you have to do the necessary legwork. This means doing preliminary tasks like visiting hardware stores and other reputable suppliers of the materials you’ll need for the project. It would also help to conduct research online so you will have a better idea of the costs and quality of the products (do not skip ratings and testimonials).

It is important to note as well that adequate research for the project will serve your advantage especially when you want to hire professional builders. You want to come into the consultation session quite knowledgeable, particularly if you want to manage the cost of the project much better. You can better discuss the aspects of the remodel that you have no issue splurging on and those that you might want to be more frugal with, with your contractor.

2. Where will you and your family stay during the remodel?

It is important to decide right away if you will be staying at home or moving elsewhere to make way for the home remodeling crew. If you wish to stay at home, better start strategizing on how to deal with the life disruption the project will bring.

For example, if your kitchen is one of the first areas of your home to be renovated, come up with a system that will allow you to still eat at home even when the kitchen is a mess. One of the most important kitchen renovation tips to consider is to cook a lot of your meals in advance and to purchase disposable dinnerware.

Another tip is to set up a temporary kitchen with hotplates, a microwave oven, and your fridge in an area of your home where work will not commence until after the kitchen is done.

Now, if you will be moving out, you had better do the math and start looking for a rental home and moving services.

3. Permits

For this, it helps to work with a professional contractor and inspector. He or she can educate you about the different permits you need to obtain so authorities can greenlight your project and the work can proceed without any hassle.

4. Eco-friendly solutions

Considering eco-friendly solutions is something every homeowner should do not only for the purpose of helping the environment but also for the creation of a healthier home and cost reduction.

Nowadays, there are states, cities, and counties that offer rebates for projects that make use of “green” products and techniques. This is a great benefit that you can harness for your home improvement plans.

5. Delays

Delays can occur in the different areas or stages of the project. Suppliers may take longer to ship your ordered materials, weather can slow down the work — all kinds of unexpected situations can happen.

All of these can be stressful so before the work commences, set it in your head that delays will happen. By having this realistic mindset, you can avoid feeling too discouraged when it seems like the project is taking a long time to complete.

6. Neighbors

If you have a strong sense of community spirit and it is part of your personal culture to be neighborly, you may want to give your next-door neighbors a heads-up about the work at your place, especially if they stay at home most of the time.

Perhaps, apologize beforehand for the construction ruckus that will come from your property. Prepare small gifts for them especially if there was no complaint from them despite the noise and other disturbances throughout the remodeling period.

From creating opportunities for savings to ensuring a healthier abode and preserving your sanity (as well as your neighbors’) throughout the physically and mentally demanding process — you can harness all these benefits by taking care of the six considerations discussed above to adequately prepare for home renovation.

Pretty soon, you’ll be living in a beautiful home that is functional and looks like something straight out of the TV.


Bill Fannin started Post & Beam 27 years ago as a small construction company and, in 2004, decided  to specialize in design/build. Since then, he has grown the company into a very reputable Design/Build Firm. You can find Bill in the office helping with estimates, consulting clients, and even on the job helping the carpenters. Bill is a Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green Professional.

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