Why Should You Use LED Grow Lights For Hydroponic Gardening In Australia?

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Gardening as a hobby is both relaxing and interesting! However, it also involves specific methods as well that ensures the plants grow well. One of the most important ingredients is the grow lights that most gardeners prefer to use.

The market today will provide you with several variants of grow lights. The one that is widely used is the led grow lights that come with a wide range of advantages.

Finding these lights is easy.

So, if you are in Australia, you can search for the led grow lights for hydroponic gardening in Australia. Some of the best benefits of led grow lights for hydroponic gardening are as follows:

  1. It needs very less power

The main reason why most gardeners choose LED to grow lights than the traditional ones is due to the electricity savings. Today, the LED grow lights use fewer watts for producing almost the same light that the HID bulbs produce with more watt power.

It is one of the best benefits of growing your plant with LED’s. As a gardener you can opt-in for this light to offer increased PAR to its plants, for the watts offered.

You need to remember that a certain amount of the wattage that fixtures draw does not get converted to light. A part of the energy gets lost in the heat. Additionally, there might be a need for extra wattage that can get used for power cooling fans which blow the bright away heat sinks.

The average useful LED grows light takes in as much as 32 watts that can cover a square foot of the growing space needed for the flowering plants. Go ahead and compare this with the traditional HID fixture that can bring in 62.5 watts on every square foot.

You will save sufficient energy from the LED grow lights. It is about 48% more than the HID grow lights. The entire energy savings take into account the savings that the gardeners can get while making use of the LED fixtures.

Also, it doesn’t take accountability for other environmental factors where the growers might save energy.

For instance, there’s decidedly less ventilation as well as air-conditioning that is required. It can also be utterly foregone in specific situations based on the setup size as well as ambient temperature. The overall power savings can rise up to 50% and even more for the ideal scenarios.

  1. The efficiency level is commendable
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The light emitting diodes in the led grow lights are close to 40% to 60%. And this is effective in transforming energy into light that can be used. The increased efficiency of the LED’s results in reduced energy draws as well as low heat signature. The HID bulbs can convert as much as 20% to 40% of energy for usable light.

Wondering what it means for a grower? The lesser watts are required to generate an equal amount of light akin to the conventional grow lamps.

The other way to have a look at the effectiveness is via the PAR efficacy that gets reported in a measuring unit of micromole per Joule. The PAR efficacy is much more significant instead of electrical watts as the fixtures can draw in a huge number of watts.

However, the watts might not translate to increased usable light. Simply put, making use of wattage helps to find out the useable light amount and the growing space is required.

  1. There is reduced heat

Lesser watt indicates little temperature inside the growing room. Do you think the way watts can get converted into heat? A single watt is equal to about 3.41 BTU/h. Hence, the more watt power a fixture draws in, the increased amount of heat it produces.

Just for comparison sake, it is essential to know that a 300-watt power fixture can emit as much as 1023 BTU and a 1000-watt fixture emits 3412 BTU. The amount will vary based on accessories and efficiencies.

However, a 1000-watt LED fixture might not give out the same percentage of heat similar to that of a 1000-watt HID fixtures. It is because the LED grows lights can transform increased energy to light and less of it to heat.

To speak of an average, LED’s offer a lesser wattage every square foot instead of the HID fixtures.

Hence, it will push a smaller amount of heat inside the close by the environment. The temperature management is huge that the gardeners need to manage effectively. If you don’t do that, it might negatively affect the plants.

The best ambient temperature is essential for plant metabolism and development. The increased temperature might put stress on the plants and can slow the growth. It can also result in wilting and even kill the plant causing it to have a reduced lifespan.

One of the best benefits of LED grows lights is that you can operate ambient temperatures much higher than you can with the traditional lighting. It is because the LED’s give out lesser heat. Also, it will increase your entire leaf surface temperature the same as the HID lighting.

  1. Your HVAC expenses will be lesser
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Since the gardeners can use smaller watts for delivering an equal amount of light to plants, they can lessen the money and also HVAC expenses. The bigger grow rooms will need reduced air conditioning to cool the entire room.

The growers often report a minimization of 50% of the HVAC expenses when they are opting in for the LED. The air condition minimization results from the useful lighting technology of the LED grow light.

Also, the fact that the gardeners can operate their own increases room temperature to as much as 10° F warmer while making use of LED grow lights, makes these lights a popular choice.

Also, the smaller grows might consider eliminating air conditioning from their grows ambiance entirely. It might be possible for obtaining the best-growing temperature making use of the heat that is produced from the LED grow fixtures.

There are other advantages of LED grow lights as well. Today, many people are opting in for Hydroponic gardening and hence want the best lights for plant growth. Based on the benefits mentioned above, you can opt-in for the LED grow lights to grow your indoor plants.

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