2019 Job Opportunities in Top 5 Real Estate Cities in Canada

2019 Job Opportunities in Top 5 Real Estate Cities in Canada

If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate market in Canada, you know some cities are extremely hot. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City stand out as the markets to watch. These are the places to buy real estate right now. If you decide to move to one of these markets, you’ll need a job. Get the details on the best job opportunities in each city.

1. Toronto

Toronto has lots of opportunities for those who want to enter the job market. If you’re interested in the real estate market in Canada and one of these jobs is a good fit for you, Toronto might be a great place to land.

Senior back-end developers are in high demand here. The demand for the job has increased by 452 percent in three years, so you can expect to find some openings.

This job is followed by:

  • Investment consultants
  • Development operations engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Full stack developers

As you can see, a degree will be helpful if you’re interested in moving to Toronto. You can also find jobs as a skilled laborer, but tech jobs are hot right now.

2. Vancouver

Just like Toronto, Vancouver has a booming tech scene, and that means tech jobs are in high demand. If you have a knack for technology (and a degree), you might want to examine the real estate market in Canada right here.

The demand for full stack developers has increased 110 percent in a year, and the demand for data warehouse engineers has grown by 107 percent.

If you don’t have a mind for tech, you can also find a nurse practitioner job in Vancouver. The demand increased by 52 percent.

3. Montreal

The health industry is heating up in Quebec, and that includes Montreal. If you’re a nurse practitioner, orderly, pharmacist, psychologist, or nurse clinician, this might be the spot for you. Keep an eye on available homes by checking out the real estate market in Canada.

4. Ottawa

Ottawa has a nice assortment of in-demand jobs. While information systems analysts and consultants are in the highest demand, retail salespeople are next on the list. You can find skilled and unskilled jobs in this city, so this is a great place to move.

5. Quebec City

Quebec City is also going to have a need for healthcare workers. If you are a nurse practitioner, this is really good news. The Quebec government has adopted regulations to give nurse practitioners more power in their roles. That means you’ll have more autonomy at work, and you can make a nice salary when you work here.

Where Do You Want to Work?

When you know where you want to work, it’s easier to know where you want to live. The real estate market in Canada has property available in all the top cities, so pick a career and find a home. Then, you can make a living for yourself while owning a piece of real estate.

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