Using Twitter: What Should Entrepreneurs “Tweet”?

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Share quotes, experiences and content on your personal Twitter account will help you improve your relationship with your customers.

Besides creating a Twitter account for your brand or company, entrepreneurs should consider having their own profile on this social network. Fans generally want to connect with the person behind the brand.

Give customers and prospects a glimpse of your life as an entrepreneur can help create deeper relationships with consumers, the brand apart. The goal, clearly, is to achieve greater loyalty from consumers to your business.

So are 10 things that any entrepreneur can tweet and allow customers to know another side of him and his business:

  1. Personal News

Share important events in your personal life and your holiday, wedding or birth of your children, is the type of information that you share commonly with your close friends. Publicly on Twitter will do customers feel they are part of your life. Also, get a special connection with those followers who are experiencing a similar situation.

  1. Errors and lessons

Share your mistakes and what you learned from them is a sign of growth, not weakness. Try to make a tweet of “what I learned this week” and see how your followers respond.

  1. Answer questions

If someone asks you something on Twitter and do not know the answer, share it. This can also be used to develop a session of questions and answers in your industry, useful for everyone involved in the sector.

  1. Links to articles

The key is to include articles to share your personal opinion. Others let them know why you liked or why not text. Just remember that your opinion shows a public image, which means you should be careful with the type of feedback you share. Always remember to be consistent with your market and your company values.

  1. Photos of unusual situations
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If something catches your attention, is also likely to attract others. So why not share it? This includes impressive products, food, advertising, architecture, and characters.

  1. The soundness of the book you are reading

When you find a wise phrase or text in a book, share it. This not only shows that you appreciate reading, but you value the wisdom. These two things will help improve your reputation.

  1. Advertising interesting

When a spectacular or any other advertising catches your attention, take a picture of it Everyone can benefit from seeing good examples of marketing.

  1. Fun Shopping

Share recent purchases you made of, for example, music, movies, video games or sports team, may lead to many comments and conversations of other people who have similar items or who enjoy the same type of entertainment.

  1. Share wisdom outside the business world

Quotes from sports heroes, military leaders and artists can give us great examples of innovation and leadership qualities needed for business success.

  1. Your job

The best that you can share links are those related to your work. But do not limit yourself only to the professional level, if you have a hobby or a passion, share it.

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