We Tell You All the Benefits That The Game Has For Children

We tell you All the Benefits That the Game has for Children

I played, we played, they JUST play …; The sad reality for many children in industrialized countries is that they spend so many hours on the school route, sitting in desks, in dining rooms and after school or sports activities, that they no longer have time to play. Or they no longer have it to play freely, without anyone directing or supervising them, to tell them “how to play”.

We have forgotten the benefits that the act of playing has for childhood, we have forgotten because it is the absence of these advantages that tells us something is wrong, and perhaps only children notice it.

But yes, playing is very healthy, and not because I say it or because you have heard it from an expert. It is because it contributes to the development of skills that would otherwise not be acquired and because it is linked naturally to child behavior. Playing is learned, socialized, muscles are exercised, and much most child nowadays plays games at http://notdoppler.online/. Keep reading if you want to rediscover how the game helps a more harmonious development of girls and boys.

I think it’s enough that adults have lost spontaneity and we cannot even enjoy playing; Let the children go in peace because they need the game, they will be happier if they play a lot of time during that childhood that one day will end almost irremediably.

Benefits of the Game

The game helps to socialize: especially if adults do not interfere, the game gives the possibility of interacting with children other than friends or colleagues. Playing skills such as negotiation are trained and skills such as assertiveness are strengthened. Playing helps to put one in the place of others, to communicate wishes and to listen to others.

The movement games are a source of psychomotor health and help to be in shape fighting sedentary lifestyle and avoiding a possible energy imbalance.

Having experiences outside the usual environments (school, home) is very enriching and favors the development of the self-esteem of the children, who will prove themselves in new situations.

Playing is an instinctive act stripped of prejudices and proper to our human nature. It is, therefore, a de-stressing element that connects our self with the happiness of other people, or with Nature; and consequently disconnects us from our daily thoughts and our worries.

Playing freely helps to develop the imagination, because the child’s own curiosity, leads to invent and seek resources with which to play, without having to always resort to manufactured toys.

The game is fun and liberating of negative emotions.

It can also contribute to intellectual development if it involves games of wit or table games, even for the mere fact of having the opportunity to train in the resolution of conflicts.

The loss of the game in childhood should worry us. Many people (among which I am) consider that we should not talk about Game as much as we do the interested ones … But it turns out that the little ones have tremendous difficulties to achieve a healthy balance between their evolving needs and the

Impositions of this consumerist and dehumanized society. If we add to this fact that they are not always taken into account, we find that it is difficult for them to talk about themselves, and ask, since they are not heard.

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