Why You Need to Get Out of the City in New Orleans

If you are going to plan New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours, check out these tips. They will be useful to prepare your New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours better. Colloquially, it is called NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  1. In a year, New Orleans has more days with some scheduled festival and rest days with nothing. Before going to New Orleans, check the city’s agenda; surely during the days of your visit, they have something prepared. The festival season goes from February to July.
  2. The main Festival is the MARDI GRAS, the great party of New Orleans. Mardi Gras is the Carnival Tuesday, the last day of Carnival before Lent begins. In New Orleans, the Carnival lasts a week and is a true despipour of fun and madness. In Mardi Gras, it is common for people to dress up and wear color pearl necklaces. Then these necklaces hang all over the city and can be seen throughout the year in phone pots, balconies of houses, electric cables.
  3. In summer it is unbearably hot. Nowhere else on our route through the United States have we been as hot as in NOLA. The humidity that comes from the Gulf of Mexico is suffocating at all hours and, unlike Florida, almost never runs wind. Only when leaving home at 9 in the morning do you start to sweat and at night it becomes impossible to sleep without the air conditioning on. So, calm down, lots of water and heat. By the way, it is usual to need a jacket or long-sleeved shirt in bars and restaurants, where they put the air conditioning on top.
  4. Since the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, there is still some roads, streets, and buildings to fix (it is common to find big bumps in the highway, for example). However, in the center, everything is in good condition (yes, old and neglected). If someone is very fanatical about the hurricane issue or wants to know more about what happened and how the post-Katrina city was, there are specialized tours.
  5. The French Quarter (French Quarter) is the main tourist attraction of the city, although you should not stay with just that: I recommend spending a morning in Algiers Point or Uptown, to see more authentic and less touristy local neighborhoods. Curiously, the French Quarter was built by the Spaniards.
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