6 Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Loves Adventure

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Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner, or do you just feel like appreciating him for being there for you? If your boyfriend is an outdoors enthusiast, you know, one who wakes up in the morning to go hiking or takes you on a camping date. If leads the expedition down the lake in a boat, raft, tube, or canoe, then you should get him a nice gift that will make his adventure time even better.

When looking for a gift for your adventure-loving boyfriend, the rule is to look for one that is cool but practical. Here is our list:

Portable charger

You don’t want the “out of sight out of mind” theory when your boyfriend is out there. You want him to keep checking in regularly. For this to be possible, he needs something that he can use to charge his phone on the go. Your bae will need a portable charger! Portable chargers come in different sizes. There are small ones that can charge a normal smartphone at least once and big ones that can give you up to 2 to 3 charges.

But, since your guy lives off the sun, land, and water, you can give him the limitless power of the sun by getting him a solar USB charger. They also come in various sizes and shapes.

A good quality Backpack

Your adventurous man will definitely need some kind of portable storage to keep a few things depending on what kind of activity he is up to. For small stuff such as a nutrition bar, wallet, keys, and 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water, a small hydration backpack will do just fine. They are small enough and the extra weight won’t stall him.

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If he needs more space to carry a small bedroll, then a lightweight trail backpack will be perfect.

Digital key finder

If you have ever gotten the “could you please come pick me up” call after his adventuring, then its time you got your adventurous boyfriend a digital key finder. These are small GPS gadgets that you can connect to your smartphone and use them to find your keys if need be.

Since they are GPS devices, he can even put one in his backpack so he can find it easily in case he forgets it somewhere.

An excellent camera

It is definite that your adventurous man will need to take some selfies wherever he is going. He may want to document the scenery, take an epic group photo from a summit, or have a selfie whenever the moment calls for one. Whatever his reason, your bae will really need something more than a plain camera phone.

Dive boots

If your man is into diving, then he certainly needs a good pair of diving boots. Choose the best diving boots depending on his individual taste and the kind of diving he does. You can get more detail here!


How long have I been hiking? What is my longitude and latitude? How many calories have gone down so far? All these are basic questions for an outdoor enthusiast. To easily answer all of them, you will need the latest smartwatch and fitness tracker. Your boyfriend will appreciate having one of these devices, so go ahead and get him one.

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The above items will make your outdoor enthusiast happy and make his adventure memorable. Ensure you go for waterproof material so that they can stand the test of time all season round.

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