7 Plants To Bring A Positive Ambience in Your Home According To Feng Shui

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Not everyone has a green thumb but these plants don’t require any special talents to keep them spruced up. Plants in a house symbolise harmony and not only they escalate the beauty quotient of the interiors, but they also help in keeping the air around the house healthy enough to breathe, especially when the pollution level is an all-time high nowadays.

The ancient Chinese practise of Feng Shui describes plants as representatives of quite a vital element, wood. The Art of Feng Shui is all about enhancing your life with minor tweaks in your surroundings. It is an art for creating a blissful environment in homes filled with positive vibes and these plants are highly recommended in Feng Shui to fulfil the role of a soothing task. These 7 plants, if kept rightly, could definitely bring a change in the aura of your interiors. Let’s have a look at them:


Exuding a tropical feel, palms attract good energy and completes any missing element in the room. Generally used as a space divider, they are supposed to remove formaldehyde and xylene from the carpets. It is also an excellent air-purifying plant and is best suited in the living room or home office.

Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, the plant is supposed to bring the sheer luck in the house it sits in. It is a low maintenance plant which resonates with five key elements of Feng Shui: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. While planting, surround the bottom of the plant with rocks to represent earth and pot in a metallic pot to represent the element, metal. Generally, the plant comes with a red ribbon tied around its stalk. The red ribbon represents fire. It is considered to be most fruitful if placed in east or south-east direction.

Money Plant

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This is the most popular of all Feng Shui plants and is considered to be brimming with positive energy. Placing it in a sharp corner results in a reduction in anxiety levels and placing them inside the house, allegedly, removes obstruction to financial growth and allows the wealth to flow in. The best position for the money plant is in the south-east corner of the house, preferably in the living room.

Pachira Tree

Good luck and wealth are what this plant adds to your household when it sitting in your house. The shape of the leaves of this plant plays a key role in bringing the auspicious vibes in the house. If you are opting for braided Pachira plants, which are considered more effective, go for three or five plants braided together and avoid number four.

Jade Plant

Not only this plant attracts wealth and prosperity, but it is also very cute to look at. Best suited at the entrance of the house, this plant helps in attaining maximum chi, the positive energy embedded in Feng Shui. The succulent is mostly gifted to business owners and the working crowd as a good luck charm. If it flowers, it is a reflection of the good care-taking skills of the owner.

Potted Orchids

Yes, they are magnificent and cherry on the cake is that they are Feng Shui’s favourite too. They are known to bring good luck and fortunate love life to an individual. It nurtures the love between two hearts and also releases oxygen even at night making the inside air more healthy to breathe. The symbolism of love and serenity, they are best suited in bedrooms.

Peace Lily

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A natural cleanser, peace lily is supposed to clean the environmental pollutants and contaminants and it does that looking so pretty. Low maintenance and striking appearance. As they thrive in shade, it best to plant them in bedroom or centre tables. Symbolising good luck and harmony, these can be placed at work desk too.

If you are also mesmerised with these charming greens, then make your favourite picks and buy plants online instead of getting into the hassle of finding a good nursery that provides quality plants. Bring the goodness into your house and breath fresh air with these appealing beauties.

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