Tips for Creating a Multipurpose Office and Guest Room

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Modern home designs incorporate at least a single room that serves as a home office, but they aren’t used exclusively for that purpose. Space constraints have pushed homeowners to transform these spaces into multifunctional areas. Remodeling your home office to serve as an alternative guest room helps to maximize the square footage of your home. However, getting a room to serve two purposes simultaneously can be a daunting task. Here are the tips to help you create a multipurpose office/guest room:

Properly Organize the Room

For a room to serve multiple functions, you must get organized! Clear the room and sort out your items into three bunches: guest room, office, and miscellaneous. Get rid of trash and any broken items to create room for more useful furniture. If there are items you don’t use, donate them out or find an alternative storage space. The items that fall under miscellaneous should definitely find room elsewhere, or you can choose to give them away as well. Now, survey the freed-up room and gauge its potential to serve as an office and a guest room. See if there are extra items you need to purchase and prepare a shopping list.

Identify your Needs

Evaluate your needs and decide on what to put emphasis on. You will need to allocate floor space based on your priority. For example, if you need a spacious workstation for your major home projects, you may need to go for minimal guest bedroom furniture. On the other hand, if you expect frequent visitors and you don’t use the home office as much, you can bring in a proper bed and opt for a space-efficient office desk.

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Create Storage Space

Your guests will need some space to store their stuff like clothes and other personal items. Vertical shelves are great for storing office supplies, accessories, and knickknacks. But, if you’re expecting guests, you can opt to clear some shelves to create room for their folded garments and other personal effects.

Another great option is to purchase a storage bed. Such beds come with a wooden frame covered in tufted linen exterior, making them aesthetically appealing. The base of the bed contains hidden drawers where your guest can store clothes, linens, personal effects, and more. For reviews about the best storage beds on the market, view more here now.

Make the Room Multifunctional

Creating a multifunctional room is not about padding two rooms into one. Simply select furniture and room accessories that make it easy to convert an office into a guest room and vice versa. There are numerous multifunctional or modular furniture that can seamlessly consolidate or move. Add a room divider or folding screen to create an impression of two separate spaces. Additionally, go for modern office desks with leaves that fold and collapse to create extra room when guests arrive. But, if you rarely use the office, go for a smaller desk.

Avoid Unnecessary Extra

Avoid the temptation to stuff several extras to your multifunctional room as they just eat into the already limited space. Go for the bare necessities you need to achieve guest room/office functionality. More often, your guests won’t need a giant armor to keep their stuff for just a few days, and you probably don’t need to display all the awards you’ve ever received from work or school.


Overall, the best trick in creating a multifunctional home office/guest room is to make the most of every square inch. Go for space-efficient furniture and create extra storage space within the bed by purchasing a storage bed. Also, get rid of any extras that aren’t necessary for the bedroom/office setting.

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