Top Activities That You Can Enjoy For an Amazing Honeymoon

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Honeymoon is one of the most magical times of your life. Apart from marking the beginning of your married life, the honeymoon is the time when you learn more about your partner. You can find endless citations and suggestions online regarding the destinations and activities for your honeymoon. However, millennials have unique aspirations and expectations.

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For all the millennials that are getting married, we have compiled a list of top honeymoon activities. From adventure to romance – this list has every flavor. So, read on and pick the ones that call your inner self. Pick a destination that offers the best opportunities to enjoy the activities chosen by you.

So, here we go!

Private Jet Tours

There are many natural wonders on earth from waterfalls to oceans and mountains to jungles. Canyons, Gorges, and Glaciers are also one of their kind natural wonders. Plan a private jet tour of these natural wonders and make your honeymoon extra-special. The private jet tours can be enjoyed at many different parts of the world and can be booked at affordable prices as well. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the destinations that you can visit. Some of the best places to visit to enjoy scenic aerial tours are France, America, Italy, Georgia, Nepal, Turkey, and London, etc. So, grab some Goibibo flight offers and plan an exotic honeymoon.


Ahem! By camping, we don’t mean carrying your backpacks and spending some days in dense forests dealing with the extremes of nature. However, that is also good, as long as you want to do it. There are many nations offering luxury camping. The luxury camping comes with luxury tents, campfires, folk dance, and song performances and guided exploration of the nearby forests, etc. You can also choose to camp in deserts. Some of the most notable places for luxury camping are Jaisalmer, Hawaii, Montana, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mexico.

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Stay at Some Castle

The European Countries are speckled with lots of castles and manors that are available for rent. You can also book a whole castle for spending some days with your partner. The bookings are available on the official websites as well. You can also book the castles via some middle man. The prices will vary as per the duration of stay and services are chosen. From millions of dollars for one night to just a few hundred and even lesser – there are many options. France, Italy, Tuscany, Spain, Countryside of UK and many more places are there to choose from.

Book a Private Island

There are many private islands that area up for bookings for honeymoon and vacation. They offer a perfect refuge from the prying eyes of the world and are brilliance personified. You can book them for spending an exquisite beach honeymoon. The prices are going to be high; but, the experience will be worth it. Beach villas, water bungalows, diving, snorkeling, swimming, spas, coastal adventures, and long walks on the shores – you can enjoy endless activities there.

Fiji, Maldives, Bahamas and the Philippines are some of the best places for booking a private island.

Book a Honeymoon Cruise

Who can say no to a 4-day cruise across the waters that offer splendid views of the coastlines? Who can deny the charm of spending some quiet and romantic moments with their partner with nothing, but, endless spans of water all around? The answer is, no one! The private luxury cruises are small to medium-sized cruises that offer all the facilities. You can enjoy the sight-seeing along the coasts or, explore the mainland. We suggest booking cruises at the places that have wonderful coastlines. Some of the suggestions are Antarctica, South Pacific, Caribbean, and Australia. The European Cruises are also very famous and offer water & Day tours of the European Subcontinent.

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Floating Cabins in the Philippines

There is yet another romantic activity that you can enjoy on your honeymoon. The lakes in the Philippines offer floating cabins where a group of 6 people can stay afloat for 2-3 days in the water. These cabins are motorized and have all kinds of facilities and amenities. They have a kitchen, minibar, and dining areas. Some of the expensive ones can offer other attractive features. So, if you don’t have the budget for a private cruise, worry not! Book a private cabin and float over the waters for a few days for an exotic honeymoon experience.

Book a Cabin in the Woods

Book a small cabin or cottage in the thick forests or on the outskirts of some national park. Nature, vegetation, surroundings, air, and every single thing will be pure and fresh. You will be able to spend some quiet moments in the lap of nature. Many hotels and resorts offer this facility for the honeymooners. There are tree houses as well. You can stay atop a tree in the middle of the summers and still enjoy a pleasant stay without any AC. Book a safari tour to make your honeymoon experience even better. Many places in India offer tree-houses and wooden cabins in the jungles. The guards and help are always nearby, and the stays are potentially danger-free.

So, what are you thinking? Grab some Goibibo coupons and spend the savings on these outstanding experiences.

Happy Married Life!

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