8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

You are working so hard on your blog and always put in the effort to produce quality content but you are not earning what you expected?

Sounds familiar right?

If yes then you are doing something wrong with your blog. Maybe it’s the design of the website, maybe it is your monetization method or you are not getting enough traffic.

There so many things that might affect the earnings of your site. So today I am going to talk about how you can improve your blog and thus the earnings.

  1. Run A Promotion.

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

No matter what niche you are in, the promotion or ads always brings in the potential customers. If you are ranking on top position in search results then you will be easily getting the buyers.

But if you are not then you should run ads, it will definitely help. You can promote products or offer discounts on them so people will easily buy it.

The best way to promote your products is social media. You can offer free ebooks or a free consultation for like half an hour.

So what I am trying to say is give value to your readers, if they find your free resources helpful then they are willing to purchase your other products.

A recent study shows that 30 percent of the shoppers buy products hugely on the Christmas holiday to get benefits of discounts.

Holiday seasons are your biggest opportunities to make as many sales as possible.

  1. Publish an eBook

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

If you are an expert in your niche then you can publish an ebook to help your readers get to know more about that particular niche.

Write an amazing ebook, edit it and format it to make it look better and easy to read. Make sure that you are providing unique and useful content to your users.

Most of the online distributors will accept the self-published ebook and with the right marketing strategy, your ebook will definitely get success.

Or you can provide downloadable ebook service with payment gateway on your website. That way your regular readers can easily get to know about your newly published ebook.

When it comes to promoting ebook to its fullest extent, the social media play a crucial role in it. Your work will get easily viral on social media and your name will always be remembered by people.

  1. Join the Community

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

If you are not getting enough traffic and still you are relying on organic traffic then you need to think of another way.

Stop comparing yourself with other successful bloggers. By joining the community of your particular niche you can branding and drive traffic at the same time from the community.

Another way to drive traffic is through guest posting. Guest posting will benefit you to get traffic and also it increases your authority from an SEO point of view.

  1. Find New Opportunities

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

There so many methods to monetize your blog. But the problem you haven’t exploited them. You need to expand your vision and see things in perspective.

Tons of ads on the page will turn away your visitors but that doesn’t mean that you should not put ads at all.

You can use Google Adsense which is very smart and efficient when it comes placing ads on your blog. It automatically shows the user related ads and the pay rate is also high compared to other ad platforms.

If you are not into ads then you should try promoting products. You can either sell your own products or promote affiliate products.

In short, don’t rely on ads and instead try to come up with other high paying and efficient monetization methods that will earn you more income.

  1. Study the Market

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

If you are struggling to get readers means your readers don’t like your content at all. The reason is you lack new ideas about blog topic in your niche.

Keyword research would be a good start for a blog topic. But you should rely solely on keyword research.

Examine other successful blogs in your niche but don’t rewrite their posts. Instead, try to come up with new ideas.

Such as what people are searching most and what their question in your niche. SOmetimes thinking in perspective is what you need to get traffic from new blog posts.

  1. Edit Old Pages to Improve Your Blog

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

You might not know this but your blog may have some potential posts that can higher with some improvements.

Sometimes the info gets old or you don’t like the writing style when you wrote that post. So at that time updating your old post is the best solution.

To check this you can use the search console. In Google, search console checks the post that gets highest impressions but fewer clicks.

This means either they are ranking lower or your title is not good enough to get that many clicks. To improve ranking first make that content user engaging and build some links.

And also write the attractive meta title and meta description that get you tons of clicks.

  1. Improve Your Productivity

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

Have you ever realized that you have wasted so much time doing some unnecessary things which were not your priority at all?

And after you have wasted that time you will regret it so much and decide that you will no do it tomorrow.

But the tomorrow same thing happens. So in order to increase your productivity create weekly goals or schedule and stick to it no matter what.

Also, try to analyze how many hours you worked and how many hours you wasted at the end of the day.

This way you can keep track of your daily activity and work more efficiently.

  1. Write More.

8 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Earnings

In order to get more traffic, you need a lot of content. If you have published like 10 or 20 articles and you are expecting a ton of traffic from them then you are delusional.

Content plays a very crucial role when it comes to traffic and success of your blog. If you let’s say 3 posts a week then aim to publish 5 posts a week.

This way you will be able to write more content and attract more readers.

Final Words.

Throughout your internet marketing journey always try to learn something new day. This will help you get new thoughts and idea for internet marketing.

If you are starting out as an internet marketer then you should strictly follow these kinds of rules which will help you in the long run.

If you have any other tips that you like to share with us then go ahead and do so.

Author Bio.

Arthur is a creative blogger and software engineer who likes to do research in SEO and share his findings among the public so he can learn new things too. His software company provides consultation for dynamic 365 implementation.

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