Things to consider when hiring a Digital Marketing agency

Things to consider when hiring a Digital Marketing agency

Finding a digital marketing agency for your business is no less than starting your business all over again! You give the rein of your marketing and branding in their hands to reach out your right customers. The way they do it will represent your brand. It’s a pressure situation to find a perfect match for your business need.

Going for digital marketing is an investment and should not be taken as an expense for the business. It requires patients to get the deliverables in place as planned, which differs from business to business, and on the ability of a digital marketing agency to have trail and error ideas to crack the right nut.

Let’s see how you can make it a smooth sailing with this amazing checklist of parameters to be considered while hiring a digital marketing agency.

Introspect First

Before you go out and look for a digital marketing agency that could serve your purpose, it is better to introspect the company business, business goals, company offerings and alignment of digital marketing goals with the organization goals. Focus on your goals and how you want the digital marketing agency to understand it and deliver the desired results.

Old is Gold!

No matter how much everyone says that digital marketing is more about freshness, at the end of the day it’s the experience that matter the most. Experience is an outcome of dedicatedly working hard on upgrading your skills and knowledge and putting it to the best possible use.

Ensure the best professional handle your project

Enquire about the agency well if they have an in-house talent to cater to a project like yours or do they outsource? Outsourcing isn’t a bad idea until a professional is handling your project. The important thing to look for here is how do they manage their relationship with a freelancer or sub-agency and how will it affect your brand.

You don’t hire an in-house marketing guy to meet your needs because you want the best to handle it for you and you pay a dime more for the same. If you don’t wish that your agency did the same with your project, hire one that has the home talent to meet your project deliverables.

Their foresight to understand your vision

The digital marketing agency that you hire should have that grin your see your business through your eyes and understand your vision. They should be willing to provide you with a complete digital marketing solution as splitting the project can turn costlier for you both in terms of money and blame games if the deliverables are not met! They should come up with various plans and strategies and be willing to try them all to check what meets your deliverables the best and implement the same on a consistent basis.

Build your Budget

Since digital marketing is an investment, a wise business decision is to understand the capital-intensive need of the idea and plan for the same. If you are a first timer to this one, it becomes fairly difficult to set aside the right budget keeping in mind the variety of options available to meet the digital marketing needs where the budget differs from agency to agency for the same deliverables.

The best way to do it is to ask within the company about their budgetary opinions, use secondary data available from the web, check out how the competitors do it, verify the quotation from various digital marketing agency, ask for a suggestion from the agency about the budgetary requirements and support to meet your desired goals.

No doubt their part of the budget will be higher but that will help you tweak your actual budget and bargain well with the agency you wish to finalize.

Window Shop

Even if you have finalized the agency you wish to go with or have one or two of them in your mind, it is not at all a bad idea to go out and window shop in terms of asking for competitive quotes from different digital marketing agencies along with a brief one pages explaining how they would be doing it to meet the desired results. This will help you to come to peace with your budget as well as give you multiple strategies that you can discuss with the agency you finalize for your business requirement.

Establishing a better relationship

You should select a digital marketing agency keeping in mind the relationship you wish to establish with their team. Hiring the one that is much bigger in size than your own can lead to their upper hand and dominance while selecting the one with lower staff and experience can take your deliverable to the toss. Select the one with whom you can establish a good one to one relationship as they are the one who is going to promote your business for the good.

Scan their website

Before you hand over a contract or put an agency into the consideration set for final selection, scan their website for the projects they have undertaken, how their website performs? Do they rank well? And more such information that will help you gauge their potential. It’s like doing a back check of the information they provided you with which submitting their bid and the plan of action.

Look for their social media handles

Have a deep dig at their different social media handles in terms of their followers, engagement, likes, comment, shares and their product or about us section. This will help you understand how up to date they are with the technological changes on different platforms. Perform the same back check for the clients they have handled social media to unleash their true potential and match them with your requirement.

Blog section and guest posts

Check out their on website blog section and guest post submitted to other websites. Look for their performance result on various website analyzer. It is a good idea to look for their Domain Authority and Page Authority and also for the websites where they generally submit their posts. This will show the true potential of their abilities and will help you take the right decision about selecting your best digital marketing agency that will meet your desired business goals.

To sum up things for you all, try staying in constant touch with the agency you wish to finalize and get in good negotiations to make the most out of the budget that you would set aside. You can also look to workout your deal on a partial fix and part deliverable based incentives to keep the interest of both parties to the utmost level and make sure the business goal is met for the best benefit of both the parties.

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