The Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Online Tutor

The Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Online Tutor

Behind a successful student, there are years of hard work and quite possibly a mentor. Tutoring someone is a huge responsibility, which requires a lot of specific qualities. But the rewards are amazing, as you will be able to see how a student blooms in college or their new job. We all deserve a mentor who can support us when we make the first steps in our professional life, but what are the skills of a successful tutor?

The desire to share your knowledge

A good online tutor has more than extensive knowledge in a particular subject. To be able to become a mentor you need the desire to share what you know. The willingness to share your experience and your hard-learned secrets of the trade is essential. There are many amazing professionals out there, who have to intention to let go of their skills. For example, you might be the best chemist in your country, but if you are not ready to share your knowledge, you are not a chemistry tutor. Unfortunately, there are also many teachers who are not completely dedicated to sharing their knowledge, even if they are the best in their subject.

A positive attitude

As a tutor, you have a big impact on the student you work with. If you are anxious, your student might also become anxious. As a tutor, you have to be positive about the outcome of your session, as this will give your student confidence and will encourage them to work harder. A positive attitude also helps your student overcome the challenges. When you are down, you need someone to tell you that you can achieve your goals and that person is your tutor.

Knows how to provide feedback

A successful tutor needs to know how to provide feedback to their student and when to do it. It might seem easy to tell someone how good they did, but your feedback needs to be constructive, so the student can grow and learn from their mistakes. At the same time, you want to motivate the student, without discouraging them. The line between constructive feedback and negative feedback is a fine one, so a tutor needs to be able to provide solutions when they give feedback, pointing out how the student can improve and progress.

Be ready to listen and adapt

A successful tutor is one who listens to their student and is able to adapt their teaching methods to the student’s needs. While the ability to adapt your knowledge and deliver it in a friendly way, so the student is able to understand it, is very important, the most important thing is to listen. If you don’t know your student and what their problems are, you can’t adapt your teaching method.

As a tutor, you need to engage in the relationship with your student, listen to their needs and come up with solutions for them. Be open to them and encourage them to ask questions. Trust is the base of any relationship, including the one between a student and their tutor. Ultimately, you are in charge of preparing the next generation to perform at the highest level in their favorite subject.

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