How to Organize a Memorable Hen Party

How to Organize a Memorable Hen Party

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Preparing for wedding celebrations can be tough. You have to make a lot of arrangements and talk to vendors, suppliers and party organizers for a couple of weeks just to ensure that the celebration will go smoothly. 

Too much stress from all the wedding preparations you need to handle can cause dull skin, puffy eyes and other sorts of problems.

While makeup can cover all the imperfection, it’s still better to allocate a few days to relax and celebrate. Better yet, you need some time off with your girlfriends before you finally say yes to your man.

What better way to relax, enjoy and reunite with your cherished girlfriends that hosting a sweet and memorable hen party celebration.      

Stary by creating the guest list

How to Organize a Memorable Hen Party

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How many women do you want to party with? Do you want to keep it exclusive to your girlfriends or do you want to include your aunts, mother, and granny?

It’s crucial to have the initial headcount as early as possible if you want to move forward in setting the dates, budget and even the party destination. Knowing who you want to include to the party will also help you decide what activities you can do.

Once you have your guest list ready, make sure you notify them about the initial plan. Talk about potential schedule options and the activities they might want to add to your itinerary.

Set the date and save it

Surely you don’t want to leave anyone behind when you choose the final schedule for the party.

Perhaps one of the girls can’t come on a weekday because of their office work. Maybe your best friend won’t make it to the event if you host it next week because of prior commitments.

Talk to everyone on the list and check their available schedule.

Also, try to use the power persuasion. It’s most likely that some of your girls will be willing to make a few compromises so they can make it to your bachelorette celebration.

After you decide on a date, update everyone included in the guest list. You can send them a save-the-date card for your hen party.

Finalize the party theme and activities

Earlier, we emphasized the importance of knowing who you should include to your guest list for selecting the type of activities you can do.

For example, paintballing won’t be a good option if you decide to invite your grandma to the festivities. The last thing you want is dealing with injuries and unhappy guests.

To give you inspiration for your own hen party celebration, we rounded up all the popular hen party themes in the world below:

  • Host a classy drawing class – Hiring a male exotic dancer is a tradition of many brides-to-be all around the globe. It’s cheeky, fun and entertaining. If you want to level up that experience and make it more classy, you can host a hen life drawing party. Aside from the lessons and the pro model, a typical drawing party for hens package includes all the basic drawing materials needed.
  • Make your own blend of perfume – If you’re a fan of celebrity perfumes like Reb’l Fleur, White Diamonds, Curious and Glow, then perhaps you should include a perfume-making class to your party activities. At the end of the day, you will have basic perfume mixology knowledge and a bottle of personalized perfume.
  • Enjoy a few nights in a luxury tent – If your goal is to have a great bonding time with the gals, you should definitely consider glamping. For a few nights, you and the girls can relive your childhood camping memories. You will share a luxury tent, do bonfire activities, learn crafting skills, dine on gourmet food, and drink a fine bottle of champagne together.
  • Enjoy a group spa package – You deserve getting pampered after handling all sorts of wedding preparation tasks. Book a group spa package with your bridal squad so you can all look relaxed during the big day. Take note though, if you choose this option, make sure to book the packages in advance because group packages are quite popular, most especially among hen party celebrants.

Don’t forget to finalize the venue of the party

It’s quite easier to pick a venue once you already have the list of things you want to do. When you’re choosing a venue, consider the logistics. If it’s too far for some of the guests, then you should pick a place that’s close to your hometown or city.

After all, it’s not really about the place you go to for the party. It’s all about the people you celebrate with.

How to Organize a Memorable Hen Party

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We hope you have a great hen party celebration. If you’re having a tough time figuring out how to plan the event, just go through the tips in the article above. We have enumerated everything you need to consider to plan a smooth event.

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