7 Interesting Facts About Wearing Flats

7 Interesting Facts About Wearing Flats

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A bold pair of heels seems like the perfect choice for every occasion. Even a casual outing attire means shopping for the best T-shirts and a solid pair of heels. But the gorgeous stilettos or wedges may not be the comfortable choice for everyone. I mean most of the time we flaunt our expensive heels but secretly end up walking back home barefoot or literally can’t wait for a chance to sit. Most of us hang around for the cab to pull over so we can free our legs and finally feel them.

Instead, why not just pick a beautiful pair of flats, maybe some ballerinas and ace the look. And honestly, I don’t think there is much convincing necessary for choosing flats for the majority of women. It gives you the comfort no other pair can give and, of course, is easier to walk in for most of us.

While flats definitely seem like a comfortable choice, here are 7 interesting facts about flats that will leave you awestruck.

1.       They do not make you boring: We often tend to ignore a perfectly gorgeous pair of flats for a party simply because we would hate for it to paint a boring impression. High heels can be a great way to give a red carpet style entry to the party. But flats can actually help you enjoy, dance and move around with ease without having to feel uncomfortable. Also, the notion that flats are quite boring is honestly bizarre. Today a large variety of flats from ballet flats, sandals to loafers, all are available that can create a style statement. They can comfortably alter your look and blend easily with your attire with ease. They are available in vibrant colors and styles and require way less investment and maintenance compared to heels. So why not swap a pair of heels for some sandals for your next party?

7 Interesting Facts About Wearing Flats

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2.       Flip-flops may not always be the right choice of footwear: Flip-flops are simple and comfortable parts of the flats footwear collection we absolutely love. Slip them on your way to the beach and you will feel complete. Although we assumed flats like flip-flops could actually be good, they might be responsible for changing the way a person walks. This might have an impact on the posture and lead to chronic problems such as spinal misalignments. Also, given these are an integral part of our summer look, feet getting exposed could lead to fungal or bacterial infections and bunions.

Fix it: So instead of a pair of bright flip-flops shop for sandals that offer proper support to make sure it is easy on your back.

3.       Choosing too flat might harm you: While flats are the go-to footwear for comfort, shoes which are good for your body needs to excel in two important aspects – proper fit and proper elevation. Elevation will make sure the footwear can absorb shock instead of this stress falling directly on our feet. Heels undergo a lot of pressure during every step and unless your footwear provides enough room to absorb this shock you will end up with bad pain.

Fix it: Instead of completely ditching your flats look for an alternate pair that has a small elevation or heel. Look for board and thick heels as this will give more area for the pressure to spread and hence will not cause pain in your feet. 

4.      A right fit means longer commitment: An elegant pair of ballet flats will look gorgeous with your casual white dress but only if they fit well. Fancy footwear always lures us into either squeezing our foot into them or walking with just half the sandals filled. When it comes to flats the right fit means the perfect size, curvature, and support through a Velcro or straps along with a flexible sole. These aspects will ensure that the feet get covered properly and can take the pressure when it comes in contact with the ground. It will make sure your feet do not move or slip away. Wearing smaller sizes especially in closed styles such as ballet flats could cause your toenails to grow haywire. Ingrown nails and infections are quite possible repercussions of wearing sizes too small.

Fix it: Buy only good quality footwear that is comfortable to walk in. The size should be just perfect and it should cup your foot well to support it well.

5.       Switching between your flats and heels can be good: Flats definitely offer the ease that heels might not always come with. But the fact is switching between different types of shoes or sandals can actually be good for your body. Flats remove the focused stress that develops around the heel bones while wearing stilettos. But regularly wearing the same types of flats will mean the same points of pressure in your feet are put to test. Instead switch between a variety of footwear such as loafers, sandals, black heels, wedges, etc, as this can be good for your feet. This will mix up the demands of various muscles and joints and hence remove any concentrated pressure on one particular place.

7 Interesting Facts About Wearing Flats

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6.       Overusing flats could lead to flat feet: Tendons located in the bottom of your feet tend to go through excessive wear and tear when you choose to wear flats regularly. Repeated stress in the same areas could also lead to serious injuries. Similarly, flats that do not attend to the curvature of your foot can be dangerous. By wearing them regularly the possibilities of your feet flatten get increased.

Fix it: Attend to any pain in your leg or lower back immediately as these are often related to the bad choice of footwear. Look for flats that can embrace the curvature of your feet and remove too much pressure from your heels.

7.       The wrong flats could lead to plantar fasciitis: Absence of proper cushioning in the heel area might sometimes lead to damage and inflammation of the connecting tissues known as the plantar fascia. The risk is especially higher in the case where you start over using your shoes. If the sole and cushions in the shoes can no longer take the blow then your feet have to. This will have a heavy impact on your feet. Unsupportive shoes, especially during gym and training, can cause permanent damage. Like metroflex gym t-shirts for comfortable gyming, the right type of footwear will offer comfort and support while walking.

Fix it: Always look into the arch support of your flats before you buy them. Do not use extremely flat soles especially for workouts to offer proper support to your feet. Your flats have an expiry date too. Keep this in mind and avoid using worn-out pairs.

The right pair of flats can actually go a long way in giving you both comfort and good health. So keep these facts in mind while you shop for your flats so as to buy the perfect blend of efficient and stylish.

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