8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season

A dedicated team is the foundation of an organization. They put their heart and soul to help achieve the organizational goals. Whether it’s an event, celebration or holiday, they indeed deserve a token of appreciation for their hard work. With the holidays approaching, a thoughtful gift from your end will be a pleasant surprise for your team. Your corporate gifts ideas will encourage and motivate them to do even better. We all know, no one can be more efficient than a happy employee. Let’s make your team feel special with some amazing personalized gifts this year!

  1. Bags

A bag is an everyday item for any age group. A leather bag specially designed for offices can be a very useful gift for your employees. While a ‘messenger bag’ will be ideal for men, women will adore the ‘totes. A personalized multi-chain leather bag with your company’s logo will surely make your gift stand out. Don’t forget to get it wrapped beautifully for a complete look!

      8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season

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  1. Jackets

Leather jackets being in trend, you can opt for ‘classic biker styles’ for the men and   ‘buttoned ups’ for the women in the house. Embossed with your company’s official logo, this gift will give a personalized feel to the employees. Since a leather jacket can easily jazz up a look, your team will never miss a chance to wear it. Also, you can gift them the colour of their choice so that they always cherish it!

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season leather jacket

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  1.   Luggage Tags

 If you want to opt for a minimalistic yet unique gift, then a leather luggage tag can be the best option. With its huge practicality, your travellers will love to carry a customized tag with their names. While it will protect their belongings, a logo of your company can also give you an indirect marketing. Wherever your team will visit, it will remind them of your sweet gesture!

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season luggage tag

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  1. Belts

Inexpensive & minimalistic- but belts never fail to impress! This holiday season, a good quality leather belt will add another class to your corporate gift list. There is a large variety of colours to choose from and this will allow you to give a unique colour to everyone. Give it to them with a small ‘thank you’ note and you will win their hearts and loyalty forever!

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season leather belt

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  1. Passport cases

Holidays come with fun, excitement & most awaited travels. What can be a better gift to your team than a classy leather passport cover?  You can make sure it beautifully engraves the initials of the recipient or the company’s logo to give it a personal touch. This way, your gift will speak volumes about your efforts.

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season passport

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  1. Pants

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season leather pants

As much as it may sound common, but pants can be a good gifting option too. While giving away jeans can be too quirky for a corporate scenario, a pair of leather pants can really bring a sense of sophistication. These are classy, comfortable and can be paired with both formal as well as casual attire. You can blindly opt for the black colour as it will go with every attire and your team can get the most use out of it. If you have a slightly high budget, you can also add an accessory such as a belt, sunglasses etc to make it look elegant.

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  1. Wallets

If you are in a rush and want to go with a safe option, then wallets can be an amazing gift too. A nice leather wallet is not only inexpensive but also very useful. Again, to make it more personal, you can beautifully engrave the company’s logo on top of it. Moreover, with so many different types, you will have the option to choose the suitable one for your team. Before buying, make sure there are “card slots” in it as it will add more convenience in keeping all the cards together in one place.

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season leather wallet

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  1. Vests

If you are looking for something bold and beautiful, then vests can never go wrong! Since leather wear is a new fashion trend, don’t forget to check out some exquisite vests to gift your team this holidays. Available in ‘Closed collar’, ‘Classic biker’, ‘Contrast zipper’ and many other stylish variations, these can easily beat any high-end fashion look.

8 Amazing Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season leather vest

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The purpose of corporate gifts is to nurture the cordial relation between you and your team. After all the hard work they put in, this small gesture will give them a sense of pride and contentment. While the thought behind a gift is what makes it distinctive and special, with so many options, sometimes finding the right one can be a difficult task. The gifts discussed here will save you from a tedious hunt, as they are classy, relevant and easy to find. These unique gifts will indeed spread compassion and positivity giving you a productive team to work with.

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