Top Five Daily Living Aids For Seniors

Top Five Daily Living Aids For Seniors

Senior citizens already deal with the miseries that aging brings with it. Unfortunately, they are more likely to develop chronic conditions as they age further, and many of them might need regular medication, sometimes for an indefinite period of time.

Several statistics suggest that around 20% of Canadians between the age of 65 and 74 suffer from at least 3 severe medical conditions, and by the age of 85, the number is 36%.

Apart from medications, aging seniors increasingly need mobility and other daily living aids as well. Canes and wheelchairs can be extremely important sometimes, especially for seniors who may be recovering from a fracture or who may have serious cases of arthritis.

Medications are necessary no matter where the senior is living. But daily living aids are particularly necessary for seniors who are living alone. According to a recent study conducted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp around almost 85% of Canadian seniors prefer staying in their homes for as long as possible even if their health conditions change.

This makes it all the more necessary for their caregivers to monitor their living environments and make some tweaks in their homes in order to make it safe for their senior loved ones. What’s also important is to make sure that they have the necessary support to carry on with their daily activities without relying on another person.

That’s where daily living aids can be very helpful. Dr. Jeremy Spencer of Halo Health Care says that a good set of efficient living aids can help seniors lead happy lives despite being alone. Care must be taken to ensure the quality and durability of these aids so as not to cause accidents.

That said, nowadays there are a million companies supplying assisted living aids and devices for seniors. Because of rapid advancements in technology, there are many devices that can do more for the seniors than just support them, say in walking or climbing the stairs for example. And naturally, many of them are quite expensive as well.

Speaking of which, daily living aids being expensive as it is can be bought easily with the help of support groups operating in many parts of Canada.  There are many communities and non-profit organizations like the Veterans Affairs Canada that will help eligible patients in purchasing assisted care devices like wheelchairs and canes.

Now it is not always necessary to get the advanced aids. It is enough that you get your senior loved one some of the basic essential aids.

If you are considering investing in some basic care aids, here are the top five necessaries for daily living.

Grab bars and non-slip floor mats in the bathroom

At a very basic level, grab bars and non-slip floor mats are extremely important for the bathroom. Both of these will help save your senior loved ones from slipping and falling in the bathroom. Considering the present conditions of senior living in Canada falls account for a major share of senior injuries and it sometimes even leads to death. Hence, if there is one place that you absolutely must invest in, in terms of living aids, it’s the bathroom.

A cane or a walker

Needless to say, seniors can have a difficult time walking, especially those who are older than 70 or 75 years. Hence a cane or a walker is a must-have for their movements within or outside the house. These are the bare minimum in terms of movement aids. There are also advanced balancing walkers or poles that offer lateral stability as well, which might be helpful for seniors having severe walking difficulties.

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Long-reach comfort-wipes

Personal hygiene is undoubtedly crucial for seniors. And it is all the more important that your senior loved one is able to keep it personal and manage it independently. Long-reach comfort-wipes allow seniors to clean up well without anyone’s assistance. They are specifically designed for seniors who may have problems with flexibility.

Adult diapers

Yet again, an aspect of personal hygiene; adult diapers are another very important daily living aid. Aging will most definitely cause the functionality of the nervous system to deteriorate. Muscles are also very likely to lose their reflex quality. Hence, adult diapers are always a good way to help seniors to stay clean at all times.

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A medical alert device

Last but not least, a medical alert system preferably a wearable one is a very important tool for seniors living alone. These devices usually have an alert button which when pressed would notify registered caregivers of a medical emergency. Nowadays there are also more advanced motion sensing alert devices that automatically detect a fall and notify caregivers. Some are also waterproof which is a great feature, considering the fact that falls mostly occur in bathrooms.

These are five absolute must-have daily living aids for seniors.

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