IVF helps to women experiencing miscarriage

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It is the desire of each and every woman to get married and bear children at some point in time in their lives. Marriage is very much in their hands, but bearing children can be questionable in some women. There may be numerous reasons for the couple to not give birth to a child. The problem might not lie only in the woman, as there can be issues in the man also. Hence, both the couple should visit the top doctors to diagnose the issue that they face and get proper treatment. For those who are not able to bear a child even after treatment can try out IVF procedures. The most reliable and the best IVF hospitals in India have helped hundreds of couples from the country and abroad to bear their own child and become a proud parent without much difficulty or hassle.

Miscarriage issues

A good number of women are found to suffer from a miscarriage during their initial trimester stage. However, few might suffer from this issue at a much later stage. Studies conducted have shown that expectant mothers who experience a miscarriage during the first cycle of their IVF can still avail the joy and satisfaction of pregnancy. By providing advanced treatments, such women can carry their child during the 2nd or 3rd IVF cycle safely.

Data and reports collected for a good number of women for study and research purpose clearly showed that among those experiencing a miscarriage at the time of initial IVF cycle, around 40 percent are expected to have childbirth provided they are offered advanced treatment by the specialists. The remaining 30% chances are for those not in a position to conceive a child during their first IVF cycle.

Some useful facts associated with miscarriage

Majority of the couples tend to lose their hopes of having their own child due to miscarriage and resort to adopting a child or simply end up in a divorce or something worse. However, with the advent of modern science and advanced technology, it has become possible for women in such categories to avail IVF procedure as it is regarded to be among the best ones for conceiving a child. Some sources have also suggested that those women having undergone at least two more cycles on completion of their initial IVF cycle are now in a better position to convince a child. Few assurances offered in this particular study, do reveal the following:

  • Even 62 percent of women were found to experience no pregnancies after the first IVF cycle.
  • On completion of the initial IVF cycle, almost 22% of women experienced a miscarriage.
  • Few reports on studies conducted around the globe have concluded that over 5 billion people were born due to IVF treatment.
  • Few women had reported being infertile on completion of 30 years.

The Best IVF Clinic in India offers quality treatment to couples suffering from infertility issues and women with miscarriage issues. They tend to stress upon specific aspects like:

  • PGD implementation: To gain success with IVF initial cycle, specialists are said to have devised Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. It is proven to provide assistance to avoid miscarriages in women and also to derive sure success right from the initial IVF cycle stage. Using PGD technique, the physicians can get to know in details about the embryo’s genetic code. This, in turn, can help them to determine if the specific embryo is of low or high quality.
  • Embryo quality: According to reports, when deriving IVF treatment, there is a genuine need to take into consideration the embryo quality. It can help the women to enjoy her pregnancy during the IVF’s first cycle and also avoid miscarriage.

As a matter of fact, IVF (Invitro Fertilization) is considered to be a wonderful technique that has been giving high hopes to women, especially those who have earlier experienced a miscarriage. They can now see dreams of becoming a mother and can give birth to a child that the can call their own. The improved treatments and techniques offered have also helped to reduce the hassles involved in the IVF procedure, thereby making it completely safe and enjoyable for all women seeking the assistance of this procedure to become a loving mother to a bonny child.

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