4 Ways to Use a Pegboard in Your Home for Storage

4 Ways to Use a Pegboard in Your Home for Storage

Do you have a pegboard lying around your house? If so, you are missing out on some wonderful ways to get organized and create extra storage space in your home. Pegboards can be used for many purposes and they look good anywhere in the home. Even if you do not have a pegboard, take a moment to look at some of these ways to use one and we are confident that you will want one.

Create an Extension of Your Side Table

You can add some serious style to your bedroom and nightstand with a painted pegboard. They are easy to paint and style, which makes them a serious contender for storage options.

You can use this board to hang up the extra accessories that you have such as purses, scarves, keys, pictures, watches, and much more.

Make a Headboard

You can create yourself a nice little headboard for your room and guess what, it is made from a pegboard. Since pegboards are easy to decorate and use, you will find that you can color it whatever color you want and even add some designs to it.

If you are missing the shelves or extra storage that traditional headboards can offer, you can add storage to the pegboard with a simple hook.

Extra Nursery Storage for Your New Baby

If you are running short on nursery space or you simply want a system that is functional and flows easy, consider a pegboard behind the changing table. This way, you can hang up all the accessories and items you need in addition to your favorite photos of your new baby.

Once your baby is no longer using a changing table, you can use the pegboard to hang up their artwork or for extra toy storage.

Give Yourself More Space in the Kitchen

Whether you are limited on cabinet space or you do not have any upper cabinets, a pegboard can help you get the extra room you need.

Since pegboards can be customized however you want them to, you will find that you can hang up and store many of your kitchen accessories. In fact, some individuals will use multiple pegboards to create the extra space they need.

Some of the items you can hang on your kitchen pegboard include a shelf for utensils, the cooking utensils themselves, pots and pans, a cutting board, your apron, towels, and much more.

Get the Extra Space You Need

The extra space you need in your home does exist, but you may need to think about unconventional ways to obtain it. One of the best ways to make room for yourself in any room is with a pegboard. You can even use one in the garage to help keep your garden or hand tools stored properly.

If you have never heard of a pegboard, take some time to check one out and think about where you would place it in your home. The nicest thing about them is that they are completely customizable.

Photo by: Lindsay Raymondjack, Designs by Joanne Palmisano, photos by Susan Teare

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