Blue Sapphire: A Guide on Blue Sapphire Color

Sapphire Color

Being a precious gem, blue sapphire has always been loved for its enchanting beauty and elegance. For centuries, this stone has adorned royalty. Even today, it is one of the most preferred gemstones to celebrate special occasions of life. It is a rare and valuable gemstone that offers charismatic properties and benefits to the wearer. Color is the most important factor that affects the quality of blue sapphire. It is fascinating due to its color.

A perfect balance of saturation, hue, and tone gives the gorgeous deep blue shade that shines through this stone. Without these elements, blue sapphire stone is as dull and colorless as any other valueless crystal. Here is a guide to understanding the factors that affect blue sapphire color:

Hue of Blue Sapphire:

In a gemstone, hue refers to the color emanated by the lighting flashes. Blue sapphires are generally known by their secondary and primary hue. You will find the primary deep blue hue only in the best quality sapphires. There are also sapphires having more than one hue. For example, violet Blue in which blue is the primary hue while violet is the secondary hue of the stone. The most valuable blue sapphire has a rich medium blue shade.

Saturation of Blue Sapphire:

The amount of color in a gemstone is described as saturation. It is the most important factor in color grading of the stone. In fact, saturation directly affects the final price of a stone. Ideally, it should have moderate to strong saturation which is optimal to reflect the right color. If the saturation is too high, it will make the stone look darker than it is. Similarly, too light saturation results in a grayish sapphire blue color in the stone.

Tone of the Blue Sapphire:

The relative darkness or lightness in the color is the tone of blue sapphire. If a stone is too dark, it lacks the brilliance of color. Also, too light stones do not display the perfect color. Hence, you need to find the blue sapphire online having optimal tone that’s medium to medium dark.

Impact of Color on Blue Sapphire Price:

Rich royal blue is the best color of the blue sapphire gemstone. It has a medium to dark tone with optimal saturation resulting in vivid color. The value of blue sapphire largely varies with its color. Cornflower blue sapphires mined in Kashmir are the best in terms of color and quality. They come at a steep blue sapphire price per carat. As mentioned earlier, deeper saturation and tone can push up the price of this stone. However, if the tone gets darker than optimal level, the stone loses the brilliance and it looks dark.

When looking around for blue sapphire for sale, you must check if the stone has been heat treated for color enhancement. There are several methods used to enhance the color and quality of gemstone. They alter the basic composition to remove natural inclusions and to intensify the color.

Due to these treatments, the original properties of stone also change. From an astrological perspective, such stones aren’t a good buy. You need untreated stones in a rich natural color to avail of blue sapphire benefits.

Impact of Clarity on Color:

Apart from color, clarity is another important factor that affects the value of blue sapphire. This stone naturally has rutile inclusions in the form of thin needles on its inner surface. If these inclusions aren’t visible to eyes, the stone is said to be eye clean. Such gemstones are sold at a higher price than gems having visible flaws on their surface.

The clarity not only affects the blue sapphire cost but also its color. If the stone is flawless, it exhibits the perfect radiance and brilliance of its shade. On the other hand, the reflection is broken in a flawed stone resulting in poor color.

The color typically varies due to origin of the gemstone. For example, stones from Kashmir have a rich cornflower blue color with velvety texture while stones from Sri Lanka are known for their deep royal blue shade. The intensity of color usually varies from one place of origin to another.

If you are looking to buy this enigmatic gemstone for its beauty and ethereal powers, always check the color carefully before investing.

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