Why Sending a Formal New House Announcement Is So Important

New House Announcement

Moving to a new house can be super overwhelming and an exciting process for everyone. But, along with being exciting, it is also a very busy time for everyone who is involved in moving a house. From packing to loading and making sure that you haven’t left anything behind to unpacking everything, moving to a new place can be very hectic. Despite everything, you may forget that you have to tell people that you are moving out or shifting to a new address, but informing people is crucial. This is why we have created this brief guide to tell and convince you that sending out the new home announcement cards are extremely important.

Why should you send the moving out Home Announcement cards?

Most of the time, our friends and family already know that we are moving to a new place, but still, they are not entirely clear about the address or on which street is your house. And that is why you should send out the new address cards to the closest friends and family. If you want them to know the lace of your residence and want them to reach you, then it is ideal to inform them with a beautiful card. 

This way, all your closed and loved ones will always stay in touch with you and always know where you are.

However, these are not the only reasons you should send the moving out cards; there are many other reasons. Some of the other reasons are:

  • If you send out the new address cards to people, you will ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential mails, packages or parcels that people or any company might send to you in the upcoming months.
  • You are less likely to miss all the new house gifts, cards and presents.
  • If you send out these new house announcements cards you can also connect to friends and family with whom you have lost contact or maybe if you move to a new state where your good friend lives; you can let him know that you have shifted to his state and now you two can catch up.
  • If you want to host a housewarming party at your new house, you can also use the moving out cards as housewarming invitations card. You can add all the party details to it along with the vital information.
But what information should you add to the new home announcement cards?

If, after reading the above things, you have decided to send out the new home announcement cards but don’t know what you should add to the cards, then we have a solution for that too. We have created a list of things that needs to be included on the card.

Your full name: the first thing on the card should be yours and all family members’ names, so there is no confusion. Make sure you write the full names of even nicknames if you have any.

Your new address: mention the new address under the name. The address should be written clearly with all the important things like the street number and the famous spot of your neighborhood. Also, make sure that you include your new zip code.

Date of your moving out: if you are sending out the cards from your old home, then include when you will relocate to the new house. Otherwise, your packages and mails may reach your new house before you do. Also, mention if you are permanently moving to the new place or temporarily.

Contact details: after everything, mention other contact details at the end of the card like your phone number and email address. This way, if anyone ha issues in finding your house, they will be able to call you and ask for directions.

Who to send the cards?

You can send the cards to everyone who is close to you or who you want to contact. To begin with, send the cards to family, friends, old neighbors, and colleagues. Add anyone else on the list that you want.

We hope that this guide would have convinced you to send out the new home announcement cards. Design your cards in a beautiful yet relevant way and send them to anyone you want to contact.

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