Link Building – What You Should Not Do…EVER!

Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!


Link Building is essential when it comes to Ranking factor. We all build backlinks to gain higher rankings.

However, there are some good methods and bad methods too. If you don’t follow Google’s webmaster policy for building backlinks, then there are high chances of your site getting hit by one of Google’s algorithmic update.

So in this post, I will share with you some of the link building methods you should avoid.

Link Building Methods You Should Avoid.

1. Getting So Many Backlinks
Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!

Most of the people think that ‘The more link they get, the better they will rank.’ However, that is not true in some cases.

I agree that the link building is all about building backlinks, but it also depends on the quality of backlinks, and if you are building them manually, then you should not rush.

You should focus on the quality of backlink rather than the quantity. Getting one high-quality backlink is far better than the tons of low-quality spammy links.

Also building too many backlinks in a short amount of time looks suspicious to google so you should totally avoid it.

Try to get links from your related niche which increases the relevancy of your website to a great extent.

2. Article Submissions
Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!

I have seen so many people doing this over and over again. Why create the same article for your site and publish that exact same article on another site just for the sake of link building.

Not only you are undermining your site (Your site’s original content considered as a duplicate), but on top of that, it will become hard for you to rank because that same another article might be competing with you.

Search engines have said that they have devalued theses article directories and they no longer considered as a ranking factor.

You still want to waste your time and energy on these useless things then be my guest.

Instead of doing this you can invest your time in doing something that actually works and is result oriented. Like making some awesome content that will surely benefit you in the long run.

3. Spun Content.

Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!

There are many bloggers who are spinning the same article over and over (Making some alterations) and publishing the content on various blogs for link building.

Publishing it two-three times is fine but doing it more than that may lend you in trouble.

There are some spinning tools available in the market right now but using them is a bad idea. You might think that Google won’t be able to catch you.

But sadly you are totally mistaken. Google is like a mighty god; its artificial intelligence can easily understand the synonyms and latent semantic keywords, so it doesn’t work anymore.

Getting all the links from spun content will definitely raise red flags to Google so that is something you should avoid.

So instead of spinning content, you should write quality content that will benefit the user otherwise they won’t stick around to your blog.

4. Guest Posting

Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!
Guest posting is the most common way to get backlinks from the very old days. It works only when done properly.

Most of the time people will abuse the guest posting just to get backlinks but doesn’t focus on anchor text or their link.

There are thousands of site out there which are accepting all sort of content just to increase the post count of their site. And they often end up linking to spammy sites.

So if you were to get a link from this site, there are chances that one of the future algorithmic updates may hit you hard. So always fully audit the site before publishing a guest post on that site.

5. All Exact Match Anchors

Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!
Anchor text is something using which Google can understand what the target link is all about. If your site is about a baseball and you build backlinks using baseball anchor then will get rankings faster.

BUT if you overdo it, then it becomes spammy links. Google hates the manually build backlinks for the sole purpose of ranking.

So the point is don’t build too many exact match anchor texts, try to diversify your anchor text profile by using naked, branded or partial exact match anchor texts.

6. Buying Links

Link Building - What You Should Not Do...EVER!
To get higher rankings, people often end up buying links, but it won’t be long until Google finds out.

Sometimes people buy links from the original site that is getting traffic, and sometimes they place their links on expired domain so-called PBN links.

Google is continuously finding and deindexing such PBN farms. Also if you are buying backlinks from sites that are purposely selling backlinks to make a profit, then it might be harmful to your site.

There are some great ways using you can get traffic such as Google ads and Facebook ads, so try to utilize it rather than using black hat techniques.

7. Neglecting Your Own Site

Most of the bloggers are so hell-bent on building backlinks that they often neglect their own site.

They don’t have any quality content on their site that would satisfy the user intent, and they think that lack of backlinks is the cause of their low rankings.

All people have their different opinions. Some people think that the quality content is king, they don’t need any backlinks to rank and some think that the backlinks are essential with the quality content.

However, I too think that the backlinks are important, BUT first you should have quality content otherwise the whole process of building backlink is useless.

So my advice is to try to create at least some quality posts and then after focus on the link building process.

Link Building – Good or Bad?

There are two ways; you can build backlinks. The first will benefit you not quickly but in the long run and the second one is ugly which you should avoid at all costs.

Try to be relevant and natural as possible when building backlinks. And above all try to focus on quality rather than quantity.

So what are your thoughts on link building? Let me know in the comments down below, What method should people avoid? What are some safe ways you can get quality backlinks?

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