5 Careers in Technology Worth Checking Out

Careers in Technology Worth

As the world becomes increasingly digital, companies and industries rely more heavily on their IT workers. Salary data for IT careers bears this fact out, with some positions earning as much as $117k annually. Let’s see about the 5 careers in technology worth checking out.

If you’re unsure of what career path to pursue, the world of IT is a great place to start. However, because this field is so broad, trying to navigate it can be tough.

Luckily for you, that’s why we’re here! In this article, we’ll break down the five best technology jobs to help you decide where to begin your search.

  1. Careers in Technology: Software Developer

Software developers are the heroes of the virtual world. Their work is so seamlessly woven into our lives that we don’t even notice it.

Software developers do what their title suggests; they develop software that allows you to perform several digital tasks. Such tasks include watching videos online, listening to music via a streaming service, and organizing documents on a work laptop.

  1. Data Scientist

Are you an analytical thinker who thrives on numbers and trend calculations? If so, then when you’re applying for technology jobs, prioritize data scientist positions.

A data scientist uses technology to sift through enormous volumes and research and numbers they collect. The reason they examine all of this data is to determine what it reflects.

For a company, this may include analyzing the levels of social media interaction they get. This way, they can decide where best to channel their resources.

  1. IT Manager

If you’re looking for the highest-paying technology jobs, then you should investigate IT management positions. People in this field often make over $140,000 annually.

However, this job is not for the faint of heart. It includes several responsibilities, such as preventing hackers from accessing your systems. Another key responsibility is preventing computer systems from shutting down.

Sometimes, entire contracting companies work to achieve an IT manager’s work. For example, check out the services provided by Visual Edge in Orlando, Florida.

  1. Information Security Analyst

As the IT world expands, so do potential threats against it. These threats include hacks, cyberattacks, malware, and other threats. The recent cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline is a perfect example.

Helping to prevent these attacks are information security analysts, who work to protect information systems from intruders.

  1. Computer Network Architect

Do you store pictures and videos on cloud infrastructure? Does your current office utilize an intranet system to share files?

These are everyday examples of the essential work computer network architects perform. It’s a job that requires immense technical skills and enough business sense to understand a company’s goals.

Since these networks are impossible to sustain alone, this job also requires you to manage staff and stay within a budget.

Discover Your IT Career

If you’re trying to find careers in technology, then these five are excellent places to start. Once you decide on which one seems best for you, investigate to see what kind of credentials these jobs require.

We hope you enjoyed this article! For more like it, check out our other content today.

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