Nova Launcher Prime Apk

nova launcher prime apk

One of the critical contrasts between Android and iOS is the extensive customization capabilities of the former. With Android, you can adjust almost all aspects of mobile phone insight, which is unimaginable for iOS. There is no shortage of launchers in the Play Store. They can change all parts of the phone UI directly from the home screen to the application cabinet to change the way notifications are displayed. Such a launcher is nova launcher prime apk. So far, you may have been attracted by it.

However, if you don’t have the opportunity to use it, you haven’t used it until now, and you need to understand it before using it…or if you need to use it without paying anything, you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you all the Nova Launcher Prime information, including how to get its APK documentation for free. We should start.

What is nova launcher prime apk?

nova launcher prime apk is an advanced variant of Nova Launcher. Compared with the free form, it provides more highlights. It has many highlights, and you can use it to modify almost all aspects of your Android phone. Also, the most important thing is that you also do not have to pay for this, because here we will show you how to free it from the cost. Just remember that once you have money, you can pay the engineers to support them!

Main functions of nova launcher prime apk

Before downloading it, we should investigate the particular highlights of Nova Launcher Prime, which you cannot get:

Action: The launcher will allow you to efficiently distribute your favorite applications without having to look at its symbols. You can set simple steps that can be drawn on the home screen to send specific applications directly. Similarly, you can select the activity to be performed when you swipe on a particular application symbol.

Familiar with the application cabinet panel: Nova Launcher Prime allows you to hide all unused applications from the application cabinet to keep the application cabinet in a perfect and clean state as desired. Also, you can use this launcher to make envelopes and labels in the application cabinet.

Extra impact effect: The primary variant of Nova Launcher will also bring rolling impact, but it will limit the experience. With Nova Launcher Prime, you can receive a lot of other impact information.

For now, we should understand how to download nova launcher prime apk for free.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Download

Downloading the Nova Launcher Prime APK is not very troublesome. Just follow the methods listed below:

Use your phone to access this connection on

Your phone will ask you to select a favorite download area when it pops up. At startup, you can also change the name of the record if needed.

After completing these operations, click the “Save/Download/OK” button (regardless of whether it is accessible on your phone), and the download will start naturally. This will be a record of 8.4 MB. Allow it to download completely.

After downloading, you can follow the instructions described in the following section.

If you access your PC’s connection, the program will download the document when you open the previously connected page. After it’s fully downloaded, you should move it to your phone, and you can do it efficiently through information links or sharing.

Nova Launcher Prime APK installation

In any case, introducing Nova Launcher Prime is very simple because it may have already been downloaded. After the APK record has been downloaded to your phone, the following methods can be used to introduce it:

Go to the phone’s “Settings” menu.

Click Security to open the security settings.

Look down and search for the “obscure source” element.

If there is no authorization yet, enhance its function, which will become a reality in most gadgets.

Now go to the file manager on the phone.

Open the organizer that saved the Nova Launcher Prime APK record.

Click on the document and select “Introduction” to start building.

Establishing methods will take some effort to summarize.

Allow it to wrap.

And that’s it. You have effectively introduced the Nova Launcher Prime APK. Currently, you can create a straight line for its symbol to activate it.


Nova Launcher Prime is very popular for its extraordinary customization features. You will not find it in many different launchers. This is what makes it the most famous advanced launcher for Android. Also, once you have the opportunity to get it for free, there will be no incentive not to use it. Therefore, please follow the above method to download it, and thank us in the future!

What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Unlock Nova Launcher Prime for more choices

To get more other features and enjoy an ad-free experience, you can purchase Nova Launcher Prime in the Google Play Store. It allows you to perform gesture operations, including swiping, pinching, and tapping on the home screen as a shortcut to open applications and widgets.

Who owns Nova Launcher?

Barry, the founder of TeslaCoil, the company behind the popular Nova Launcher, talked about the restrictions Google currently places on the Google Now API. As you might expect, Barry wants to provide users with the option to add a Google Now screen.

How to find hidden applications in Nova launcher?

Apps and Widgets Drawer, scroll down and click “Hide Apps.” Then you can select only the apps you want to hide, nothing more. These apps will be hidden from the home screen and the app drawer. You can access these hidden applications by searching.

How to install Nova Launcher Prime for free?

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime APK installation

Go to the “Settings” menu of your phone.

Click Security to open the security settings.

Scroll down and look for the “Unknown Sources” feature.

If it is not already enabled, enable it, as this is the case with most devices.

Now go to the phone’s file manager.

Will Nova Launcher run out of battery power?

They usually lack any fancy or eye-catching features, so they don’t consume too much battery. Nova launcher, Arrow launcher, Holo launcher, Google Now, Apex launcher, Smart launcher, ZenUI launcher, Cheetah launcher, and ADW launcher are often abandoned are the lightest and fastest launchers.

Is Nova Launcher safe?

The Nova launcher is safe enough.

This means that you are now unlikely to find a safer Android launcher. Both Google and application developers are the ones who determine what permissions each application requires. The user gets the final product and can make a decision.

Is the nova launcher prime apk still the best?

The best Android launcher you can download today.

Finding the best Android launcher for your smartphone is a matter of personal preference, but we recommend using Nova Launcher. It does an excellent job of balancing functions through custom features, and it is the best choice for anyone who wants to use personalized features on their phones.

What is the purpose of the Nova launcher?

Android supports so-called third-party launchers, custom applications, which add luster to your home screen with new features, themes, and optimizations. … Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and application drawer. These icons can usually be accessed by swiping up on the phone’s home screen to scroll through the application icons’ list.

Which launcher can hide the application?

There are several great launchers, such as the Microsoft launcher and Poco launcher. They add many features and have a “hide apps” feature, which also allows you to hide certain apps from the app drawer.

How to use Nova Launcher 2020?

To do this, you must open the “Settings” application of your device and click on “Home Screen and Latest Records.” In the default launcher, you should consider Nova Launcher as the default launcher. If you don’t do this, click on it, and then select Nova. Even if you switch to another launcher, you will continue to use the Nova launcher automatically.

Can we hide apps in the Nova launcher?

Step 1: Open the Nova Launcher settings, and then click the “Apps and Widgets Drawer” option. 2: Scroll down until you find the “Hide Application” option. Step 3: It will open the list of apps installed on your Android device. Select the object you want to hide, and then click the “Back” button.

What is the price of Nova Launcher Prime?

It may even be cheaper in your country. For many years, Nova has been choosing millions of transmitters worldwide- a quick solution for phones that lack a suitable transmitter or are clumsy. Although it is available for free, you need to pay $4.99 to unlock all the features it offers.

For Nova Launcher, what is TeslaUnread?

TeslaUnread provides unread count badges for Nova Launcher Prime and WidgetLocker. It does not work on other desktops or lock screens. …Enable TeslaUnread in Nova Launcher or WidgetLocker Settings> Unread Count, where you can also customize the badge style, such as size and color.

How to install Nova Launcher Prime?

Click “Nova Launcher Prime Apk and install it on your device by enabling unknown sources.” (…

Open the Nova Launcher Prime application.

Select “Restart” and click “Next” (or select “Nova Backup” to restore the old settings)

How do you find hidden applications?

In the application drawer, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click to hide apps.

Display a list of apps hidden from the app list. If this screen is blank or lacks the “Hide Apps” option, no apps will be hidden.

Where are the hidden apps on the Samsung M31?


From any Home screen, tap the “Applications” icon.

Click Settings.

Scroll to “Devices” and click “Apps.”

Click Application Manager.

Swipe left or right to the appropriate screen: running. All.

Tap the desired application.

Click Close to hide.

How to hide applications in the launcher?

How to hide apps on Android phones

Long press any blank area on the home screen.

Click the home screen settings button in the lower right corner.

Scroll down on that menu and click “Hide Apps.” advertising.

In the pop-up menu, select any app you want to hide, and then click “Apply.”

Will nova launcher prime apk slow down the phone speed?

Nova has never reduced the phone’s speed to an unbearable level and has never even caused a delay. But there is an obvious “touch the app and wait a second.” Of course, every launcher is like this, but most stock launchers start applications in an instant, in my experience.

Which transmitter is best for batteries?

The best Android launcher with battery saving features

Evie launcher. Evie is a simple Android launcher that not only uses the least resources to run, but its simple interface makes your phone faster and easier to use. …

ap15 launcher. …

Nova launcher.

Which is the best Android Launcher 2019?

Ten best Android launchers in 2019

Buzz launcher. …

Evie launcher. …

Launcher iOS 12.

Microsoft launcher. …

Nova launcher. …

A transmitter. User rating: 4.3 Number of installations: 27,420 Price: Free. …

Smart Launcher 5. User rating: 4.4 Number of installations: 519,518 Price: Free/$4.49 Pro. …

ZenUI launcher. User rating: 4.7 Installation: 1,165,876 Price: Free.

Will Nova Launcher affect performance?

Nova Launcher will not slow down. It may consume more battery, but the difference is small. If you are using Samsung with theme functions, you can customize your phone without Nova.

Is Nova Launcher better than Samsung Experience?

The final verdict. After the update, Nova Launcher has become better and better. Its native Samsung One UI support and integration also provides more functions in personalization, customization, folder browsing, and file search.

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