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Finding Information on Incarcerated Individuals

Also, Officials from the scott county inmate listing Sheriff’s Department said an inmate at the Scott County Jail. So,  kicked a bucket on Friday morning.

Also, Scott County Sheriff Major Bryce Schmidt said that Timothy Hudson Sr., 27. So, it was spotted by his guards in prison at 10:59 am, Drowsy in all his community cells.

Also, the clinical prison staff tried their best to save Hudson. So, the moment the surgeon appeared on the scene. Also, Hudson was articulated to death.

So, scott county inmate listing said that this demise does not seem to be doubtful.

So, the Iowa Bureau of Criminal Investigation is in charge of inspections. Also, the Iowa State Medical Attorney’s Office will conduct an autopsy soon.

So, Schmidt said that close friends of the detainees had been informed.

Also, According to online records from the Scott County District Court, Hudson was condemned on March 26 because he admitted that two of them included criminals who owned guns. Each of them belonged to Class D legal under Iowa law. The crime is punishable by five years’ imprisonment, and the use of dangerous weapons to intimidate a Class C crime is punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment.

To reach an understanding, he abandoned the murder of the killer, targeted prosecution, the allegations of planning the ownership of weeds, and the allegations of infringement of Iowa’s Drug Fee Stamp Act.

It is said that Hudson shot and killed a man at a location on Bellingham Road in Riverdale at 1:19 am on July 17 and was accused of committing a murder, intimidation, and equipment plan.

Detainee deposits scott county inmate listing

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office provides various ways for relatives of inmates to deposit cash into the detainee’s grocery account.

As of January 1, 2018, assets can be stored in detainees’ records through the Tiger Store.

Stations, lobby kiosks, and installment payments via mobile

The online shop provided by Tiger Shop uses fees or visas, and booth installments are just like telephone installments, which take up processing fees. Assets will be recorded in the detainees’ records, and there will be an endless supply of about 30 exchanges.

Tiger Store provides the scott county inmate listing installment payment method:

Detainees were found through inmate searches or detainee postings in the Scott County Jail.

Please enter the name of the detainee in the structure and submit it for search.

You can also view the prisoner’s posts by selecting the central letters of the last name.

The detainees’ list records individuals who have not been sent to court so far. Within the last seven days living in the Scott County prison, individuals preparing for bail or individuals who have been punished for infringing on the country and nearby countries. Resolution.

Detainee posting does exclude government detainees or prisoners.

If there are any records, click on the prisoner’s name to get other nuances: robbery, arrest, booking, accusation, and guarantee data.

If you cannot find a detainee, please contact Scott County Jail to help you.

Through the Scott County Jail inmate search or the detainee posting, the detainee in prison was found.

Enter the prisoner’s name in the structure and submit it for review.

You can also view the prisoner’s posts by selecting the central letters of the last name.

Detainee posting does exclude government detainees or prisoners.

If there are any records, click on the prisoner’s name to get other nuances: robbery, arrest, booking, accusation, and guarantee data.

If you cannot find a prisoner, please contact Scott County Jail to help you if the trouble is not too great.

Q: Do you want to find information about prisoners?

Inmate records were found in the current list of Scott County prisons. Online forms are limited to those prisoners currently in custody or served in the last seven days. Government prisoners were excluded.

Go to “Prison Prison List”.

Q: Get captured data or police report?

Capturing office data is essential for detainee records. For capture report data, please contact the capture office.

The capture office includes:

Davenport Police Department

(563) 326-7979 link

Bettendorf Police Station

(563) 344-4015 link

National Police Agency

(563) 381-1485 link

Bison Police Department scott county inmate listing

(563) 381-4733 external link

Aldridge Police Department

(563) 285-3916 external link

Leclerc Police Department

(563) 1 extension 289-4242

http://www.leclaireiowa.govExternal link

Walcott Police Department

(563) 284-6672 link

Scott County Sheriff’s Office

(563) 326-8625

Iowa State Patrol District 12

22365 Twentieth Avenue

Stockton, IA 52769

(563) 284-9501 12 external links

Q: Is there any data on the date, time, or room number of the court session?

Call (563) 326-8787 or visit online to contact the Scott County Court Clerk.

Q: Do you check the prison proceedings?

In the Scott County courthouse, most people can use most court procedures face-to-face.

Q: Contact for pre-delivery?

Call (563) 326-8791 to call the pre-trial version.

Please contact Alternative Sentencing (Community Service) at (563) 328-3250.

Q: Do you want to register for notifications on VINELink?

When the Iowa VINELink statewide organization transfers or transports detainees, you can register to get a refresh. First, go to the prisoner records. If the prisoner has not been authorized, please follow the connection to the VINE notification system.

Learn more about the VINE notification system in Iowa. External link

Q: Deposit to the scott county inmate listing account?

You can transport money to our prison hall and use the booth at the entrance to store it. You can mail the staff’s check and cash request through the U.S. Mail Administration.

Go to the external link to leave the store, and purchase a phone card with a credit/charge card set by the MasterCard store (every day/every day if possible). ($150.00 per exchange, $500 like a clockwork. Include assistance costs as much as possible).

Q: Is it deposited into the prisoner’s phone account?

You can buy phone cards on the supermarket site at external link.

On the other hand, you can call DSI at (814) 949-3303 for phone account storage.

Q: Do you leave a message for the prisoner?

The sheriff’s staff will not convey information to the detainees. It is recommended that you write a letter to the detainee.

Q: Send an email to the prisoner?

Detainees’ mail should be sent to prison through the U.S. Postal Service. The name and address of the sender should be on the return address section of the envelope. If this is not the case, then the mail will be returned to the post office. Envelopes, scents, or lipsticks with other ingredients on the mail will be returned. The use of offensive photos or content is prohibited.

Mail the envelope to:

Prisoner’s full name

Scott County Jail

Fourth Street 400 W

Davenport, IA 52801

Question: Do you visit the prisoner?

Go to the appearance page.

The prisoner shall complete a visitor request structure for each guest and submit it to the prison. If you can visit a prisoner, please write to the detainee and provide them with your data. He/she will need your full name.

Appearance scott county inmate listing:

Monday-Friday 7:30 am-12:30 pm, 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday and holidays designated by the county-8:00 are-12:00 pm.

Question: Collect the prisoner’s property?

From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, all the guardian’s property is delivered. You should have a large number of image IDs to get attributes.

Q: Do you receive the property of prisoners who moved to Oakdale?

Detainees should complete their property release before exchanging them with others. The delivery indicates who may obtain the property. Photo recognition is required. This property is delivered between 9 am and 1 pm from Monday to Friday.

Question: Take off-court clothes for prisoners?

Send to:

Scott County Jail

Fourth Street 400 W

Davenport, IA 52801

Time: Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Q: Do you provide photos to prisoners?

There may be a total of fifteen (15) photos in each prisoner’s belongings. The image should be 4 inches x 6 inches or smaller to be confirmed. The prison will not recognize Polaroid photos. The photos should be sent to the detainees. We will not admit them face to face. The profanity of images is not permitted.

Q: Do you provide other scott county inmate listing items?

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office does not recognize prisoners’ bundles or other property. Neither the sheriff’s office nor prison staff is responsible for lost or taken things. 

Q: Volunteers in prison?

For planners, please call (563) 326-8750, enhanced phone 8939.

Internal CADS program (563) 328-3223.

Q: Under “Charging Information”, what does the charging code mean?

In some cases, codes are used to describe the expenses recorded in the detainee’s posting. We will try to explain some of the regular prisoner charge codes here.




Suspension driving


No driving

Free trade agreement

Unable to show up


Motor vehicles in use without the owner’s consent


So, Working while drunk

Also, Laptop

So, Ownership of controlled substances

Also, Private Sector Development Plan

Also, Ownership of drug equipment

So, Pula

So, Ownership of legal age (related to wine)

RCF: Also, Residential Correction Facility

So, the detainee has a private remedy office. Also, they may come from RCF out of ignoring its standards. So, they may be condemned to go there.


Probation hearing

WRC: Work Release Center

Also, Recall that all persons shown on this site are innocent until proven to be condemned by a court of lawful authority. SO, the relevant fees are for reference only and do not constitute blame.

So, the Scott County Jail is a comprehensive help office that began in December 2005. Also, the office has ​​88,737 square feet and includes 160 cells, of which 104 are bunk beds and can accommodate 264 beds. So, the new office has a protected passage that connects the Scott County Justice Center. Also, the prison to accommodate the development of detainees’ proficiency. And safety to and from the court. Also, it includes a protected court in the actual prison. 

So, the Scott County Jail was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. Also,  pre-trial adult male and female wrongdoing. So, the time for juvenile offenders to be placed is minimal.

Directly supervise the design.

So, he Scott County Prison incorporates the immediate management plan and operational thinking of the new office. ALso, the opening of the detainee plan is an essential part of the theory of direct management. So, the office provides a comprehensive prison program for adults. Also, these projects include working groups for supervised prisoners. So, Studies have shown that the therapeutic office incorporates a direct supervisory mindset into daily activities. Also, safer for staff and detainees.

Prisoner’s Handbook

Also, Upon entering prison, all detainees will receive a “Prisoner’s Handbook”. SO, the Prisoner’s Handbook traces the prisoner’s office principles and social assumptions while in custody. Also, Prisoners have to pay for accommodation every day to cover part of the cost of imprisonment.


So, the Scott County Jail is an essential part of the criminal equality framework. Also, the mission is to improve the well-being of Scott County residents through the productive. So, Skilled, safe, and selfless imprisonment of offenders.


So, We envisage the establishment of an expert association to bring positive development to our staff and prisoners. Also, the Scott County Prison will embrace and improve this vision in the following ways:

So, Give prisoners the freedom to project.

Also, Promote admiration, respect, ethics, respect, and cooperation.

So, Provide sufficient events and permission opening opportunities.

Also, Perception and compensation are great.

So, Work within the disciplinary department, legal and sacred standards.

Also, According to the direct supervision model’s standard, advance the board’s reasoning to the guilty party.

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