Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key Generator

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key Generator


Windows operating system is one of the oldest operating systems out there with newer versions, updates, and features. Moreover, it is almost on every second person’s computer due to its usability and the flexibility of supporting almost every software and game. Although Windows 7 is an older version, it is the window’s most successful version until windows 10.  Many people use that version, and you will need a windows 7 ultimate product key generator to access all the features and activate your windows operating system.

Activating windows is not new as windows give you the operating system free to install but asks you to activate it to use the system. That is when you will see the restriction while using your PC. You will either have to buy the product key or select the alternative route of using a product key generator.

That is why our article will help you find windows 7 ultimate product key generator and how to use it to activate your operating system.

About Windows 7 Activation Key

Windows 7 activation key allows you to get full access to your system. You can have the benefits of the features and have no restrictions while using your PC. For example – when your windows expire, it will ask for a product key, or when you install your windows 7 ultimate version, they will ask for a product key. You can then skip it, but it will again ask for the key and restrict your use on the PC.

You will buy the product key from the manufacturer; however, you can use a windows 7 ultimate product key generator to activate your operating system. Although, some think if it asks for a product key, then I will reinstall the operating. Yes, it is a good idea for once, but ask yourself can go the length to reinstall the whole operating system every time it prompts you for a product key?

That is why generating a product activation key much simpler and easy. Moreover, it is free and saves a lot of your valuable time reinstalling the operating system. The activation key does exactly that with no issues and the hassle of wasting time.

About Windows 7 Ultimate Activation or Product Key

If you are using or planning to install Windows 7 Ultimate version, you will need a product key to activate your operating system. It is just like other versions of windows, where you will have to punch the key code to use the full benefits of your operating system.

Your windows 7 ultimate gives you the flexibility to perform the activation task right after installation. However, you can also do it on other versions of windows, but they do not notify your activation, or your windows are not active yet. So, you can use the key generator to generate and use the product key to activate windows 7 ultimate at full strength; moreover, you get access to other cool and new features of the operating system.

What Features do you Get from Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key Generator

Your windows 7 ultimate has many features that the previous version of the 7 did not provide or did not give you access to use that feature at full length. However, before we get into the features first, you should know what new things you are getting from the ultimate version of the operating system.

  • It has a new windows management option.
  • You have multi-touch typing usability.
  • It gives you Homegroup, which is a new file showing system from windows.
  • You can pin the application on your taskbar.

Now, the features that you are getting from the operating system –

  • It has a user-friendly program.
  • You can utilize different gadgets on the desktop like – a clock, a calendar, and a CPU temperature meter.
  • It allows you to modify your taskbar.
  • You have the feature to add more pictures on the desktop slideshow option.
  • It gives you a thumbnail preview feature of any data, document, and file.
  • You have the option of trying the latest branding and customization features.
  • It appears attractive on your desktop screen.
  • You get the windows official media player.
  • It allows you to utilize different widgets on your desktops.

How to Activate Your Windows 7 Ultimate Using a Product Key Generator

If you want to activate your windows operating, then first install windows and then follow the process as you see –

  • First, install the Windows 7 Ultimate version on your PC.
  • Then use a bootable USB or DVD to set it up on your PC.
  • Now allow the activation status.
  • Then use the product key generator to generate a key to put in the serial key area.
  • After that, you will have to enter, and it will take some time and show an activation message on your screen.
  • Then restart your PC, and you will be able to run your system at full.

Now it is the process while installing. However, if you did not activate your operating system while installing, you will also have the option to activate it. Although doing it beforehand is much better as you do not have suffered due to the activation’s inaccessibility. As your operating will show notification for you to enable windows 7 ultimate and if keep pushing it further, you will restrict following your usability on the system. So, here is how you can do it after installation –

  • First, open your desktop and right-click on my computer icon.
  • It will open up a window where you will select activate windows option.
  • Then you will see a window open on your screen where you will have an empty box.
  • Now, copy your product key from the product key generator software or any website and paste it into the empty box.
  • You will have to wait few minutes as it is processing. However, it depends on your system and internet speed.
  • Then it will show a “windows activated” message on your screen. Moreover, you can check it by again right-clicking on my computer icon and going to properties.

How to Get the Product Key for Your Windows 7 Ultimate

You know how to use a product key to activate your operating system using a product key generator. Now, the question how to get it?

You will have to enter your 25-character code to activate windows 7 ultimate, and you have two options to get the code. Number one is you buy it from windows website officially. In that, you will have no issues like the key not working or searching for the right code. However, you will have to spend money which most of us do not prefer.

Many websites give you free access to windows 7 ultimate’s product key with no money or problem. You will have to download the key using the right information, like is your operating system 32 bits or 64 bits. Please choose the right one, and then copy-paste it to activate your windows 7 ultimate operating system.

Another thing that is you can also use the crack version of windows. When you see that the codes you are trying to use are not working or showing an expired notification. Then you can try the crack version if necessary. However, we do recommend that you scan it with an antivirus first as it can contain malware. Moreover, some also contain such codes which given access can

One hint that we would like to give you is that if all else fails to activate your operating system, you can use the Windows loader to activate windows 7 ultimate. Moreover, the keys from the internet may not work if you update your system. So, it is better to have few options in hand.

Alternatives to Activate Windows 7 Ultimate

IF your windows 7 is not working with a serial key, then we recommend some alternatives ways such as –

  • Getting it per-installed –

It is the easiest way to get an activated operating system by buying a pre-installed windows 7 PC. You get the luxury of getting everything in hand, including activation, driver, and other software, without any hassle.

  • Downgrading to Windows 7 –

You can downgrade your PC’s operating system from windows 8 or 10 to Windows 7. The windows license has no issues when you downgrade your system. Moreover, you give yourself the option to do it if you need to.

Activating Windows 7 Ultimate without a Serial Key

Getting a working serial key without paying is very difficult due to piracy and other problems. Moreover, most serial keys will not work if you update your system. However, you can also activate your windows without a serial key, although we do not recommend it. We suggest you only use the method if you cannot get a working product key and do not have the option to buy a license key.

Deleting SLUI file

  • First, go to your windows folder and then click on System 32 folder.
  • You will find the SLUI file in the folder, which you will have to delete to activate your operating system.
  • Now right-click on the file and go to properties.
  • Then you will see a window open; there, you will go to the security tab and select users and then the advance option.
  • Now you will have a new window for advanced security settings for SLUI.
  • Then click on the owner tab and then select your current user as owner and hit apply.
  • Now close everything and again go back to the SLUI file’s properties.
  • Again go to the security tab and then users and select the edit button.
  • Then select the user’s name and check the box next to that, allowing you system ownership and full control for permission.
  • Now, click ok, close every window and delete the SLUI file.

After deleting, you will have to follow the second process, which is –

CMD Activation

  • First, run CMD as administration and type slmgr-rearm command.
  • Then press the enter, and you will see your PC restarting.
  • Now, after restarting again, open CMD and type the slmgr-ato command, and hit enter.
  • After that, you will get a message that your windows 7 ultimate is now activated.

The above process is completely secondary when everything else is not working. We do not recommend it as there is a chance of getting an error after deleting the SLUI file if you update your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make my windows 7 genuine for free?

Your windows 7 operating system needs an activation key to give you full access to your device. However, buying is not an option for everyone. So you can either use a product key generator and use that code or use CMD to activate your windows. The product key option is more reasonable as you will have to search for the right key that supports your PC. Another option is using a windows loader. It is a very straightforward thing to use if you want to make your windows 7 genuine.


  1. Is windows 7 ultimate free?

Every version of the windows operating system is free to install. However, they have the policy to activate windows to get the full benefits of the system. They will give you a deadline of how long you can use it without the activation key, and after that, they will prompt you to buy the key and activate your OS. But windows 7 and other versions are free for everyone to install on their PC.



Conclusion on Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key Generator

Windows 7 ultimate is the most successful launch for windows company without a doubt. You get not only the latest features but also the visual satisfaction of using something premium. However, to get all the features, you will have to activate your operating system at some point. That is why knowing how to use windows 7 ultimate product key generator is necessary.

That is why we tried to give you a guideline that can help you activate your operating system and give you the luxury to use your PC at full throttle.

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