How High Calcium Limestone Benefits Crop and Livestock Farmers


There are several types of sedimentary rock. Conglomerate, shale, sandstone, arkose, chert, and gypsum are just but a few examples.

Of all these sedimentary rocks, limestone is one of the best gifts of nature for several reasons. This is considering the several applications of this sedimentary rock in several industries and sectors at large. For more information about this, you can read this.

Speaking of this sedimentary rock as being beneficial, the agricultural sector is one of the greatest beneficiaries. This is because it offers some advantages both for crop and animal production. We would shed some light on this here but let us first talk about it from a general point of view.

The High Calcium Limestone Market

These products have a large market because of their uses in various industries. Some of the industries that benefit from its use include the construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors.

In the construction sector for instance; asphalt paving and roofing shingles, are made using sedimentary rock’s end product in certain forms. Several other building materials are equally made using this product that’s converted from limestone.

The same goes for the healthcare sector and several other sectors. But for the sake of this article, you should know that pulverized limestone (PLS) can be made out of high calcium limestone. These sorts are also known as rock dust or even ground calcium carbonate (GCC). You should know that they consist of mean particle grades of between 20 – 325 mesh.

Sizing is an important feature for these markets. The same also applies to the kinds used in the Agricultural sector.

How High Calcium Limestone Helps the Agricultural Sector


Crop and animal production is basically what the agricultural sector is made up of. You should know that high calcium limestone helps improve the conditions of both aspects of this sector. Let us see how this plays out below:

Livestock Farming

High calcium limestone can form an essential part of the feed offered to some of the livestock. Because of its composition, it helps ensure that the animals have a high yield. Milk-producing cattle that consume feed consisting of it are in a better state to produce the needed milk.

In the same vein, egg-producing chickens are in a better state to produce more eggs. Generally speaking, when the right kind is blended in with their feed, the animals are healthier.

In addition to all these, it is also great for disinfection needs. This is considering how parasites that can harm the animals are prevented. This is because of the high pH of the limestone used.

Also, poultry houses and cattle litters can benefit from the fact that it helps in creating the ideal wet litter for their needs. This is aside from the fact that it is great for post-production clean-up.

Furthermore, the problem of offensive odors associated with raising these animals can be well handled with it. The adverse effects of the agricultural biosolids can be put in check using it.

These are just a few of the ways this limestone product benefits livestock farming. For these reasons and more, farmers are advised to make the most of it. For more on this subject, you can visit:

If it would be used for livestock farming purposes, you need to use the right sort. To make sure of this, the option used needs to have:

  • A great amount of calcium
  • Magnesium carbonate in a very minute amount
  • Great in terms of solubility
  • Proper sizing to aid ingestion

These are things that a good high calcium limestone used for livestock farming should offer at the very least. Farmers are advised to take note of this.

Crop Farming

We established the fact that high calcium limestone helps so much in livestock farming. However, there is more to how this sedimentary rock product helps the agricultural sector. This is considering how crop farmers also have a lot to gain from it.

For one, unsuitable farmlands can be put in the right shape for farming using it. This is majorly about lands that have a very high acidity level.

Such lands are not likely to aid the growth of crops. If they manage to do this, the success of the yield will be threatened.

By applying the right amount, the soil will be improved. This is because the acid in the soil that is capable of adversely affecting the growth of the crop will be neutralized. Its ability to regulate the soil’s pH level will make sure of this. This happens because the high calcium limestone will:

  • Regulate the soil’s iron and magnesium level
  • Improve the plant’s structure from the root upwards
  • Ensure microbial activity is boosted
  • Provide a healthy amount of magnesium and calcium
  • Reduce the level of toxicity in the soil
  • Ensure that the herbicide or fertilizer is more effective
  • Ensure that the root system is strengthened
  • Ensure that legume’s nitrogen fixation is improved

When the right kind of high calcium limestone is used for crop production, the point discussed above are some of the benefits that come with using it. This is why farmers should be deliberate about getting the right kind.

Wrap Up

This article has shed light on how high calcium limestone benefits the agricultural sector at large. For this reason, livestock and crop farmers are advised to make the most of it when the need arises.

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