Pack Healthy and Pack Right for your Next Road Trip

Pack Healthy and Pack Right for your Next Road Trip

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Road trips, exciting as they are, require a lot of pre-planning. You should especially not compromise on food and its packing. Pack healthy food. Takeaway or dining out often can leave your stomach feeling weird if you’re just sitting in the car after eating.

Keep it Balanced

The food you stock should include items from each of these bases – protein, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Refrain from packing sweets, sodas or chips. They’re unhealthy. Substitute them with cereal or fruits, for a snack. Moreover, trips can be tiring and you may not find wholesome meals on the way so it’s imperative that you also carry some whey protein for times when you want to have a high protein supplement.

Here are some food suggestions


·         Hard Boiled eggs

·         Yogurt

·         Nuts

·         Protein powder

·         Cheese and/or mayonnaise

·         Tuna pouches

·         Granola bars

·         Sausages

·         Bacon

·         Houmous dips/packs


·         Fresh vegetables sliced

·         Salad (or even just celery)

·         Vegetable soup ( avoid cream-based ones)


Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Berries, Grapes – whatever suits you and is practical to carry


·         Oats

·         Baked potato (rich in Vitamin A, fiber, and potassium)

·         Whole grain bread

·         Whole grain crackers

Healthy Fats

·         Avocado

·         Nuts and nut butter (who can resist peanut butter?)

·         Flax seeds (top cereals or bread with ground flaxseed, or drizzle the oil over your salad)


·         Bottles of water (you don’t want to get dehydrated)

·         Fruit Juice

·         Energy drinks

Other Food Suggestions

Here are some other food suggestions.

·         Muffins

·         Bagels

·         Cinnamon rolls

·         Donuts

Pointers for Food Preparation, Packing and Timely Eating

Pack Healthy and Pack Right for your Next Road Trip

Source: Pexels

1.    Do some pre-trip food preparations

It is convenient to make the sandwiches ahead of travel. Just wrap each half-sandwich in waxed paper. Once that’s done, seal all the wrapped sandwiches together in a single plastic bag and store in the cooler. This is a good idea if you don’t mind possibly eating slightly soggy sandwiches. Salads can also be made in advance. Any other food preparations you can think of? Do them!

2. Keep the food cool

A cooler with cold packs will help make your perishable food last longer. It is a good idea to store ice in ziplock bags and toss into the freezer the previous day. When it is time to load the cooler, position the ice bags suitably around the bottled water and food so that a warmer zone doesn’t develop on the cooler top.

If you are going to travel for more than a day, you will need fresh supplies of ice as each day closes. You can get it at motels, hotels or ice stations. Just empty your ziplock bags and put the newly bought ice in.

Pack Healthy and Pack Right for your Next Road Trip

Source: Pexels

3.   Keep it hot as well

Insulated growlers are great to store your tea, coffee or soup. Just make the drink(s) the previous night or early morning and it will remain warm for approximately 12 hours. Your beer will stay cold in it too. Yes, that’s another pre-trip food preparation to make life easy.

4. Carry along these non-food essentials

·         Carry along wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a good SkinCeuticals sunscreen, paper napkins or paper towels, a spray bottle containing plain water to wash your hands or clean up, and hand sanitizer. Keep some towels/napkins in the glove box for easy access.

·         You would also need trash bags or cans to dispose of food waste or any other waste. No need to buy a trash can. You can just take any waste disposal can, put a regular plastic bag inside it, and cover it with a lid. Make sure you carry extra trash (or plastic) bags with you.

Pack Healthy and Pack Right for your Next Road Trip

5.   Get water refills

You may not be able to carry enough water for your entire trip. Do not hesitate to refill. You don’t want yourself or anyone in your family to fall sick from dehydration. Carry a bottle top filter and you can easily refill your bottles with water from drinking fountains, state parks, visitor centers, rest stops or anywhere else where it is conveniently available.

So there it is – all you need to know about the right food and how to appropriately store it. Wish you a safe and fun trip down the road. Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and have you checked that Suzuki sv650 or motorcycle tire?

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