How to Overcome Fear of Traveling Solo as a Woman

solo travel for women

Spending a vacation alone in a far off country could be something interesting. But it can also bring some fear, especially if you are a woman who has never traveled alone before. Most times, we cannot define the exact reason for the fears. We can only say, “What if something awful happens, who will help me?”

But it is time to get rid of the fear and explore the world. We can make the best out of the holiday when we travel solo. The various benefits of solo traveling as a woman will make you want to set off tomorrow. But let us see the ways you can collect yourself up and face the challenge to succeed in your objectives.

For many women who want to try solo traveling, the obvious worry is that they are not familiar with the destination and how to do things. But the solution is much easier than you thought. Doing things right will help you prepare psychologically and emotionally for the solo trip.

Here are various ways you can overcome the solo traveling fear as a woman and meet your trip goals with success.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Destination

Familiarize Yourself with Your Destination

This statement is for trips you plan to places you have never visited before. To get off the anxiety, you should research and gather sufficient information about the country and the location you will be spending your holiday.

You can acquire the necessary information without letting anybody know that you are planning a solo trip. Tour agency websites and Facebook traveler groups can help you collect information from people who have been to the country.

You can search and read comments without speaking for yourself. But if you want something that others have not posted, like where to buy Sydney motorcycle accessories for your dirt biking adventure in Australia, you may want to post and ask.

The information that you need to get rid of solo traveling fear includes the total cost of the trip, the language used locally, and the general security of the city. Other necessary details you need include the emergency dial number, visa requirements, and visitor restrictions.

2. Book Your Hotel in Advance

Book Your Hotel in Advance

Another common fear is that of spending a night out because you missed a room. To get rid of the fear, you should book a safe and secure hotel room abroad. You can do it a few days or weeks before you take your flight to the destination.

Early bookings also help you to get the best deals. Some hotels or hostels offer special discounts for visitors who book a room in advance and pay online. In this way, you can save a few bucks on your solo traveling ambitions.

While searching for the best hotels to book, you can ask if they offer parties and events for travelers. You may want to meet other same-minded solo travelers and learn from them. It is also a fantastic way to connect with people while traveling solo.

3. Prioritize Your Safety

Prioritize Your Safety

Traveling alone gives you freedom. But it is not a ticket to be mindless when doing things alone. Some of the safety risks arise as a result of unnecessary mistakes. If I am traveling alone, I will ensure that I am back to my room, before darkness falls. If it is about activities, choose what you can do during the day.

As a solo traveling woman, understand that getting too intoxicated is a potential gateway for muggers to attack you and get away with your belongings. You should avoid taking alcohol when traveling in a foreign land. If you must drink, do it at the hotel and go straight to your room, but ensure you do it moderately and remain alert at all times.

4. Inform Someone You Trust About Your Whereabouts

nform Someone You Trust About Your Whereabouts

I prefer keeping everything calm and straightforward. But when you are planning a solo trip, it is ideal to let your confidant know where you will be. You can even choose your solo travel destination together on the map which you can find in Amazon. Knowing that your information is with someone you trust eases your mind so that you can travel with little to no fear.

Tell your confidant where you will be on the dates, and share with them the hotel you have booked. You can also let them know the activities you are planning to do. And most importantly, get their contacts and address overhead.


As a solo traveler, you get the opportunity to do your things the way you love. What you need to master is the fear of traveling alone. Knowing that there are many other solo travelers around the world, you should not fear anything. Ensure you plan efficiently and adequately to enjoy your solo travel experience.

Have you ever had any fears when traveling alone – even if it was a local trip? How did you overcome it? Tell us what you do when planning a trip and your friends do not turn up. It is wonderful to get ideas from real-life experiences, especially from fellow travelers.

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