8 Key Points to Hiring an Intern

8 Key Points to Hiring an Intern

Are you new in the business industry and still trying to catch up in the corporate world? Or you’re up to hiring an intern for the very first time? If you’re going to answer either of the questions with a “yes” then you must be feeling like you’re in a great trouble.

Don’t worry, because if you’re not sure on how you could do it on your own, then better stay on reading this up until the end and know the key points you need to keep in mind in order to hire your first set of company intern. Also, you might want to grab a pen and paper to take note for you not to miss out all these helpful ideas.


How can I reach out to my applicants without having an idea who they are and where they are?

If you truly have no idea where and how to begin, you can start by posting a job vacancy stating, of course, for an “intern” position. Nowadays, it’s made easier by posting it online, this is best-suited for you especially if you’re not a fan of papers and prints. However, don’t disregard or underestimate the idea of disseminating your announcements on the traditional form, it can reach a larger scope of an audience as easy as 1, 2, and 3.


Once you decide on looking or hiring an intern, one thing that you might be very careful of is about the so-called “job description” to go with your post. This is for the applicants to be aware of the qualifications that you’re looking for. And also, this would be the major thing that will filter your audience so you won’t be bombarded by too many applicants.

A job description might include the following:

  • A job description usually starts with a job title. Of course, you would go for “INTERN” as the job title.
  • A clear statement of the possible pay rate (if you opt for paid internship), working hours, and a number of working days.
  • Stating the duties or responsibilities if ever given a chance for them to get hired.
  • You may include also the job location, job summary, and the working environment.
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After the job posting, you will possibly receive a tremendous number of applications. This is the time where you need to start assessing them. Be very mindful and careful in choosing the applicants you would want to call for an interview. It’s important to look for their skills and abilities if it does meet your expectations and most importantly the job qualifications.

Assessing or screening the job applicants’ application forms isn’t easy and may take much of your time. But you will always come up with top candidates and choose to narrow your list of potential applicants to make the job hunting easier.


After the mind-boggling assessment or screening of the applicants, you may contact the chosen candidates for a one-on-one interview. You may also conduct several tests for them to have more time in showcasing their skills and capabilities as stated in their resumes.


And after the long hunt for the potential company interns, you may now contact the top applicants who are most qualified to be your company’s interns. The recruitment may include the work familiarization, introduction of the intern to the workforce, and signing of the contract. The contract merely consists of the statement that says for how many hours and how long would the intern’s tenure be in the office or company.


Preparing a training and development program for your interns will possibly be the least that you can do for them in exchange for their few months of service in your good company. You can make it possible with the help of HR Support, who can give you the best way to conduct the said program. Also, they are the ones who are knowledgeable enough when it comes to moulding the employees be it a regular or non-regular employee.

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Hiring an intern doesn’t mean that you could ask them to do anything as long as they’re in the company premises. That’s wrong! Give tasks or works that are clearly stated in the job post and included in the job description. They’re looking forward to expanding their knowledge with the great help of you and your company. Prepare or provide tasks that may benefit you and benefit the interns as well. ‘


As their internship employer, it would be a great compliment for them to receive feedback from you. Give them a desirable comment especially if they deserve that, and criticisms that may not offend them. Remember that they work for you in order to nurture their on-hand knowledge so be their milestone in making their dreams come true.

So, here are the possible and the least you could do to find your “chosen ones”. Give your thoughts if it does help or answer your questionable thoughts.


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