How to Find Your Brand Personality [Flowchart]

How to Find Your Brand Personality [Flowchart]

How we describe a person is no different than a business. It’s important to cultivate a voice and personality your business. By doing so, it helps carve out a niche and name that customers will not only remember, but trust and refer to others. How you characterize your brand can be through a specific set of characteristics.

Characteristics like friendly, knowledgeable, or trendy each fall under a specific brand personality type. The five types include:


We associate brands like Nike or Chevy with ruggedness and excitement, while Campbell’s Soup or Hallmark more so with sincerity. Which of these does your business associate with? If you’re not sure, follow the flowchart by Valpak. Whether you are a new business cultivating your type or you are looking to reinvent your business, it’ll help you narrow down your brand personality through fun and silly questions like who would be your dream CEO.

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