Go Local to Global in 5 minutes – Here’s how to do it with a VoIP number!

Go Local to Global in 5 minutes – Here’s how to do it with a VoIP number!

Going global is the dream of every business whether small or enterprise. The global exposure that a business gets after rendering its services on an international level does not only give your revenue figures a commendable jump but also opens new business avenues. You may set up a virtual phone system for communication, but there is a lot more to it you think.

So, going global is not as easy as it sounds.

You may need a sound infrastructure, an international calling app and a lot more.

It demands a lot of efforts and strategic planning. Having an Australia phone number is one such strategic move that helps a business to firm its feet in the global market.

Why you need a VoIP system to turn your dream of going global into reality?

Whenever we talk about expanding the roots of business on a global level, there are two things that come in our mind:  how to build the basic infrastructure and how to build a robust communication channel between the global and local business back at home.

While arranging the infrastructure in a foreign country can give you a migraine, building an inexpensive communication channel is possible by using VoIP Phone Number:

Reduced Cost – One major factor that plays an important role in setting up an international business is the cost involved. If you build your international business communication points using a traditional landline number then let us tell you that you are increasing the cost burden. Makin international calls with traditional landline phones are not only costly but also are of degraded quality. You pay for silences and disturbed noisy calls.

All this can be easily eliminated by using the virtual phone. Its call cost is way less than that landline telephony system. Apart from the calling charges, it saves a great deal on installation charges as well.  Without being asked for extensive and high-end instruments, a virtual number requires only an internet connection preferably ADSL.

Advanced functionality – While you are planning to go international, take note of the fact that there are going to be a lot of call conferencing, email conversation, and voicemails. Your traditional landline telephone system will not be do all this all for. Only a virtual phone system has those capabilities.

Get ready to get launched on an international platform with VoIP number

Here are the steps that help you to go international within five minutes:

  • Buy a toll-free virtual phone number

A toll-free number is a three-digit number with codes like 800, 844, 843, 877, and so on that allows a caller to call a business free of charge. The need for toll-free is prevalent for businesses aiming global platforms as it attracts customers.

No matter what sort of business you own, your customers are your main key drivers for the success. It is often found that customers hesitate to enquire or contact an international business just because of the hefty call concurrent charges.

For example, if you are going to expand your business in New York while stationing at the UK, all you need to do is to buy a New York virtual phone number with 212 codes. Using this number, you can easily make international calls at an affordable cost. Not only this, the toll-free number allows your customers to contact you without being worried about the hefty monthly call charges bills.

A product of cutting-edge technology, a virtual phone number makes you communicate easily and economically. Unlike expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), VoIP system allows a business to make and receive calls from anywhere using Business Phone Number at a dirt-cheap price.

  • Set up a call menu

 Once you are done with buying an online number for your business, it’s time to set up a call menu on your PBX.  It is recommended that you choose cloud PBX for your international business as it allows you or your agents to work even from the remote location. The function of the call menu set up can be achieved by using the IVR feature of the virtual number. Using this feature, businesses can easily greet clients and reduce the call-waiting time.

  • Configure the incoming calls

After you set your call menu on your PBX, the next step is to configure your incoming calls so that your agents sitting in any part of the world can easily pick them using the international calling app.

  • Place your contact number on the website

Put your online phone number on your official website and let customer start calling you.  It is as simple as that.  In these simple steps, your New Your virtual phone number is all set to receive and make calls.

Turn your dream of work on a global platform into reality with the help of an online phone number. This one tool empowers to such extent that you can easily overcome hurdles like weak communication channel, high calling billing and unavailability of the agents.

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