Tips for Importing and Exporting Goods in the Easiest Way

import and export

With the advent and advancement of state-of-the-art technologies, this world has turned into a global village. This phenomenon of globalization has improved the International trades by making the flow of imports and exports of material goods efficient. Since for this kind of exchange speedy documentation process plays a vital role so for the sake of avoiding ambiguity or delays accomplishing the necessary and sufficient paperwork is compulsory. Despite the mode of transportation (plane, road or ship) you need to ensure that you possess the right documents and file and submit the mandatory documents for the customs clearance procedure timely.

1.    Mandatory documents:

The submission of the following documents is obligatory for customs clearance:

  • Complete Invoice:

This is to facilitate the customs officials in the verification of the rates mentioned in your invoice by comparing these with the rates with the international market. If the provided information is doubtful or irrelevant, then there won’t be any question of achieving the clearance as customs officers assess it according to the commercial invoice summited by you. All the items that are needed to be shipped must be mentioned in your invoice.

  • Packing list:

Along with the invoice, for the identification of every parcel and its owner and for matching all of its detailed mentioned on the invoice, a packing list is a must. By putting the shipping marks on the cargo coverings of all the parcels mix-ups and chaos can be avoided. Following details about parcels should be there on the packing list:

  • Quantity of parcels
  • Dimensions of parcels
  • Shipping marks of each parcel
  • Net and gross weight of each parcel
  • Number of units packed in every parcel
  • Certificate of origin:

Customs officers will need to check the certificate of origin of your goods if you are exporting it to some different country. This certificate helps you in securing certain benefits from advantageous tariffs for import duties in the light of some agreements. It is issued by the export agency, and you will be submitting it for the customs clearance procedure. The classification of the cargo and its schedule is specified by the customs department on the basis of this certificate.  

  • Shipment receipt: bill of lading

The legal document signed by the official representatives from shippers, carriers, and receivers with credentials and details of the shipping materials is known as shipment receipt or the “bill of lading.”For all kinds of transportation, it is mandatory as it carries details about the nature, number, and destination of the materials that are being carried. When the shipment is delivered to the scheduled destination by the shipping companies the bill of lading serves as a receipt of shipment.

  • On Board Bill of Lading

For signifying the loading and boarding of cargo on the ship while cargo is being shipped the On Board Bill of Lading is crucial. The negotiations of the documents between the importer and the exporter are carried out only in the presence of this document.  

  • Airway Bill:

This document is issued by a Freight Forwarder or an Airline who fuses the airfreight cargo. It helps in negotiations.

  • Road Way Bill:

The negotiations document called Way Bill is used as a road transportation document covering the shipment.

Hence, depending on the ways of transporting the goods either On Board Bill of Lading, Airway Bill or Way Bill along with the packing list and a commercial invoice will be submitted to the customs department for clearance.  

2.    Hiring a customs clearance agent:

For making your custom clearance process smoother, you can use the services of a customs clearance agent. He will help you in averring all pre-requisites for customs clearance guaranteeing that your goods reach the destination on time and its real shape. Whether we are talking about the sea, air or road transportation agents are necessary for getting the job done proficiently and pro-actively. Hiring a professional empowers you to have your customer’s import queries, and all sorts of payment pre-requites cleared easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

So, for making your imports and exports hassle-free and efficient, you need to be cautious about the afore-mentioned documents and heir a professional custom clearance agent for ensuring that your imports and exports are most money-spinning.

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