How To Buy Real HGH Online Without Getting Scammed

How To Buy Real HGH Online Without Getting Scammed

Maybe you heard about human growth hormone therapy and wanted to give it a whirl. You went online and ran a Google search on HGH products. If you did this, then you were probably overwhelmed by the sheer amount of human growth hormone supplements and products available online.

How do you know which of these are legit and which are not? Read on for more on human growth hormone therapy and our tips on how to buy real HGH online.

What is human growth hormone (HGH) therapy?

Human growth hormone therapy has been used for decades as a treatment for a variety of medical conditions caused by a lack or shortage of the naturally occurring human growth hormone.

HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland, usually during sleep. This hormone plays a vital role in numerous biological mechanisms, including cell regeneration, muscle and tissue repair, metabolism, and protein synthesis.

If there is a deficiency in HGH, children’s growth will be stunted. In adults, HGH deficiency can cause a number of issues, including increased risk of heart disease, increased body fat, loss of muscle tone, depression, anxiety, reduced ability to think, and more.

For almost half a century, doctors have been using human growth hormone therapy to normalize the HGH levels of people with HGH deficiency. In the 1990s, it was found that human growth hormone therapy can also help adults reduce their overall body fat and increase their muscle mass.

Who can benefit from HGH therapy?

HGH therapy is for children with idiopathic short stature or those who are extremely short for their age. It is also for children who have HGH deficiency or a medical condition that affects their growth and development.

In adults, human growth hormone therapy can help treat symptoms associated with chronic kidney disease, a muscle-wasting disease, short bowel syndrome, and certain genetic disorders.

Human growth hormone is also often used for off-label purposes such as fighting the signs of aging or enhancing one’s athletic performance.

Spotting fake HGH products

Synthetic human growth hormone is in very high demand. Unfortunately, this means that the market is saturated with counterfeit products that contain questionable and possibly harmful ingredients. If you’re planning on buying human growth hormone, keep these in mind:

  • HGH therapy is notoriously pricey. A 3-month supply of human growth hormone injectables can cost about $3500. If a clinic or company is selling HGH products that are much more affordable than this, don’t be tempted. The lower price may be an indication that the products being sold are fake.
  • You should only buy and use human growth hormone in injectable form. These may come in the form of injection pens or as a solution for injection. In the US, injectables are the only form of synthetic human growth hormone prescribed by doctors.
  • You may have seen infomercials touting the effects of human growth hormone supplements, creams, oral or nasal sprays, gels, tablets, and capsules. Take note that there are no studies to prove that these products are effective.
  • Ingestible forms of human growth hormone are probably a waste of money. Doctors say that your stomach acids will break down HGH molecules long before your body can absorb them.
  • Scientists have yet to develop the technique or the technology to make the HGH molecule small enough to be absorbed through the membranes of the nose or the mouth. If this technology does already exist, it would be so advanced that the resulting products would be too expensive to sell as over-the-counter products. In short: stick with injectables.
  • If the brand name on a supplemental human growth hormone product is unfamiliar to you, run a Google search on it.

Where to buy real HGH

In the US, doctors cannot legally prescribe human growth hormone if the patient has no medical need for it. Prescribing it for off-label use, such as for performance enhancement, is frowned upon and may lead to the doctor facing legal action.

To get an HGH prescription, you must first see a licensed doctor who will evaluate your medical history and ask you to take a blood test. The blood test will indicate if your human growth hormone levels are below normal. A doctor who specializes in age management or hormone replacement therapy will be better able to help you as they will be more familiar with HGH therapy and the signs of hormonal imbalances.

If your HGH levels are low, the doctor will prescribe human growth hormone therapy. After you have acquired your HGH prescription, you can then buy real HGH online from a trusted online hormone therapy clinic or pharmacy.

Curious about human growth hormone therapy and how it can help you? Leave us a message in the comments. Follow our guide on how to buy real HGH online to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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