What does SMH Mean | SMH Meaning in Text

What does SMH Mean

Are you severe that you don’t know what this means? You must not be a fan of memes. People are doing a great job coming up with short forms to express their feelings in such short ways that most of the people get. I mean, who wants to type a set of three or four words to express their opinion, right? That is what abbreviation for improvements are.

People are using abbreviations more frequent than ever before. Is this just random or people have started to get lazy while texting? We will never know, but still, it is 2019, and you need to get an idea on the most abbreviations frequently used out there or else you will surely be beating around the bush with no idea at all.

What does SMH mean?

SMH meaning in text for the phrase ‘shaking my head’ representing someone’s disappointment. Well, that is not the only case. This abbreviation, Smh, is being used over someone’s stupidity or to make the memes funnier over social media. Do you think the use of abbreviations has spiked so much in such a short period of time just because of memes and social media? Let us know!

‘Shaking my head’, being one of the most understandable and relatable phrases of all times. I mean, you probably get disappointed in 4 things out of 5, and you are like, “This sucks! Smh!”. I know that is you! But that is fine, everyone expects more and it’s natural to get disappointed, but the phrase comes out to be funny when spotted on social media. It makes the whole meme or experience more relatable and funny at the same time.

Hence you got the fool scoop of what does SMH mean? Let’s learn the usage of this word now.

How and when to use ‘smh’?

There are no such rules on how to use it. But you do not want to sound all excited and excited while hitting the people with ‘smh.’ You can use it over places where you experienced some disappointment may be dominant, particularly not! Or you can make content out of it if you somehow record something funny on your phone. If you’re a TikTok person, Smh is going to serve well for all the cute little stupid videos you make.

Smh can also be used when putting reviews on something. You can use the abbreviation sarcastically to cheer someone up too!

Why do you need to be familiar with abbreviations?

If you see your phone to peep a smile out of it and do not have any idea about the frequently used abbreviations like fml, smh, lol, etc., then I am sorry, my friend! You won’t be able to peep one. I can bet you cannot spot a meme without abbreviations in it. The whole point is, it is just so easy to use, and everyone gets it.

Why would you type a lot of words and end up messing the whole thing up? Being a meme fan, you got to be familiar with these words. If you want to laugh a lot or you could sit there, play stupid and ask your friends out about what they mean. Your call, eh!

Come on its 2019, and you don’t want to look and sound stupid out there. It’s just a few words you must learn, and you’re good to go in the world of social media and the mem world. It’s not that much work; you don’t have to put your lazy brain to work! We hope you have a good one out there in the meaningless yet entertaining social media world!

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