The Top Wedding Ring Trends for Brides and Grooms

wedding ring trends

Love often comes steeped in rich symbolism, with various token objects exchanged and collected that in some way signify the love one person has for another, or the love they share as a cohesive whole. Wedding rings are some of the most powerful symbols of love and dedication, and couples give a lot of attention to the styles and features of possible ring choices. It’s no wonder, considering everything that has to be said by these rings and the need to pick something with lasting significance, as well as lasting style – the idea is, after all, to wear them forever. To get some idea about where the current focus is concerning wedding rings, let’s look at some of the biggest trends from this year.

For Women:

One of the biggest trends of late has been the shift toward more engagement ring options that feature colored stones, rather than a clear, brilliant diamond. One could call this a modern trend, but wedding rings that feature a colored stone were the traditional norm even up until the turn of the 20th century. Diamonds really became the engagement ring staple in the early 20th century and, ever since, brides have been adamant about their engagement rings featuring these precious gems.

Now, many engagement rings are featuring colored diamonds, with canary, pink, and sapphire colored diamonds being extremely popular. Engagement rings that feature other precious gems, such as actual sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other gems, have also become extremely popular. This shift could indeed be attributed precisely to how long white diamonds have been the accepted norm, as many women are beginning to feel that all of the engagement rings on the market simply look the same and don’t complement their unique personalities and styles.

Just as there has been a shift back toward older stone choices for engagement rings, there has also been an overall shift toward more vintage styles. Everything from the designs of the metalwork to the particular cuts of the stones are emulating older styles from the Victorian Era through to the 1920s. Just as various colored stones offer more of an opportunity for personal expression, many feel that vintage or vintage inspired rings offer more individuality than many of the modern options available on the market.

Looking just at the particular cuts of stones, one can also see a trend in pear shaped cuts rather than emerald or rose/round cut stones. Even the sides of rings are having more attention paid to them, with the stone platforms featuring more elaborate metalwork, along with accent stones, and the sides of the band itself featuring various designs and/or accent stones.

Metalwork in general is also changing, in terms of how it’s used for wedding bands and engagement rings. One particular trend that’s showing some long-term popularity is the mixing of different types of precious metals, such as featuring silver or platinum around the majority of the band and the stone settings, but having the prongs in yellow gold. Wedding bands are even featuring two-toned aspects, with silver along both outside edges and a band of gold inlaid through the center of the band.

For Men:

Men tend to take a backseat position when it comes to wedding rings, with most of the attention going to engagement rings. Nowadays, men’s wedding bands are showing more variation in styles and overall trends, thus proving that men are having just as much impact on wedding band selection as women and, thus, creating somewhat of a shift in how these rings are marketed.

One of the largest trends in wedding bands for men is a widening choice of color. Traditionally, wedding bands have been gold, with options for silver becoming popular later. Now, men’s wedding bands are coming in options of two-toned bands – featuring gold and silver – as well as patterns, inlays, black rings, and even wood tone rings.

Two toned options are particularly popular right now, and are exemplified by more than just mixing gold and silver. Two toned rings for men are commonly featuring not only differences in colors or tones, but also in the finish or texture of the ring. Burnished or brushed exterior parts of the band with a polished metal central section is becoming increasingly popular.

The different colors featured in men’s wedding bands are predominately available through the use of various types of materials. Some rings feature polished and sealed wood, even with gems set into them, or metal rings with some sort of wood veneer inlay. Others are being made of alternative metals. Titanium and tungsten rings are becoming increasingly popular due to how durable and lightweight they are.

Some rings feature simple, minimalist styles, while others may have a hammered look, engravings, and a variety of inlays and inset jewels. Patterns are also quite popular, such as camouflage, and a variety of textural features.

Whereas wedding bands for men traditionally are very plain and simple – just a polished gold band – men’s wedding bands are increasingly featuring precious stones, particularly diamonds. Whereas women’s engagement rings feature dramatic arrangements of stones, as well as dramatic solitaires, men’s rings feature precious stones in a more subtle way. A simple inset diamond, a small line of diamonds across the width of a band at one section, and even the use of sapphires and rubies have become popular aspects of men’s wedding bands.

Making the Right Selection:

Paying attention to such trends is important because it lets you know the sort of options available to you and it also indicates the sort of things that people tend to be tired of. This lets you understand what you too may find boring or unrepresentative of your tastes after a few years. When picking the rings you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, it’s important to embrace your own styles and desires, and know that these can be found in the market. In fact, knowing that there are trends in more eclectic styles makes it apparent that it’s even easier today than ever to purchase wedding rings that reflect your own unique personalities.

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