Cheeky Send-Off Party Ideas for Every Kind of Bride-to-Be

Cheeky Send-Off Party Ideas for Every Kind of Bride-to-Be

Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash

Your best friend is getting married soon. Because of all the wedding preparations she needs to work on, she doesn’t have the luxury to think about her hen party. As her number one buddy, you decided to take on the responsibility to make the hen party arrangements yourself.

So, have you started planning yet? What party theme did you select? Feeling a bit lost? It’s okay! Breathe! We might be able to lend you a hand with our roundup of unique and cheeky send off party ideas for your bride-to-be best friend.

The Great Gatsby

Cheeky Send-Off Party Ideas for Every Kind of Bride-to-Be

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

The Great Gatsby is arguably the most common bachelorette party theme. And it’s so easy to see why every bridal squad wants it. Wouldn’t you like to dress up in a feathery showgirl costume? It looks great on photos and it’s really quite trendy these days.

Since it’s the last time for your best friend to enjoy her life as a single woman, you should treat her to a night of music and glamour. If you want to level up you dress up game with your best buddy, you should include the Great Gatsby in your theme selection.

Disney Princess Theme

If your girlfriend knows every Disney princess by heart, then you ought to throw her a Disney inspired hen party. Every bridesmaid can dress up as their favorite princess. They can dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan and even Elsa. You can be totally creative with the costume. If you’re not too keen on wearing ball gowns, you can always improvise. Every hen can unleash their creative side with this theme.

Apart from getting into character, the party should also include playing classic disney movie OSTs. You should have a karaoke challenge. Go ahead and find the ultimate Disney fanatic among your girl squad.   

Old School Strip Show

Hiring male exotic dancers is one of the undying traditions in the hen party industry. It’s a cheeky and exciting theme that will never ever go out of style. They continue to be popular because exotic performers keep up with the demands of the market.

As such, it doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional dancers, sexy butlers, or entertaining bartenders. You can choose anything that the bride wants. Moreover, you have the option to customize the routine, props and costume.

Game of Thrones Theme

If you really want to break tradition, you must consider using the Game of Thrones hen party theme. It’s the perfect choice for a bride-to-be who adores the iconic HBO series.

Don’t worry, the theme won’t involve seeing gory deaths. It will only include dressing up as your chosen Game of Thrones characters. Perhaps the bride wants to become the Queen of Dragons or Arya Stark just for the day.

If you’re open to celebrate the party abroad, then you might want to consider hiring a hen party vendors who offer exclusive tours to the GoT filming locations.

Countryside Hen Party

Wedding preparations can be take a toll on your best friend’s sanity. Things can get super stressful. Take her to the countryside a few weeks before her big day so she can breathe and forget about all her problems in the meantime. It will also help her greatly if she stays away from the busy city.

The bride and the rest of the female entourage can engage in simple farming activities like pig herding, egg picking, or vegetable farming. You can also go around the countryside for some sightseeing activity.

It’s better if you have a relative’s house where you can stay in. But, just in case you don’t have that option, you can just work with a party vendor to find the perfect accommodation. Alternatively, you can checkout Airbnb and make the arrangements yourself.   

Beach Babe Party

Cheeky Send-Off Party Ideas for Every Kind of Bride-to-Be

Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash

Is the future bride a certified beach lover? If yes, then you should arrange a beach party for her send-off celebration. Pick a nice beach or resort that can provide the basic amenities that the bride and the guest needs. You can also try finding a beach that she wants to see so badly.

You can also make arrangements for other beach activities like beach volleyball, bonfire, poi dancing, scuba diving, kayaking, banana boating, and beach bar hopping. Make sure that you don’t forget to remind the bride to bring sunscreen to avoid getting sun burns.

No one knows your best friend like you do. Go ahead and throw her an amazing party. She deserves it. Choose a theme that fits her personality. Don’t be afraid to explore a little bit. After all, it’s the last chance your friend gets at enjoying her single life. So which of the party themes above do you think she’d love?

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