News Flash On Launch Of New Android Phones In The Market

News Flash On Launch Of New Android Phones In The Market

India gets its first ever Android phone with special feature of a quad-camera located at its back. This is the first ever smartphone to have this feature and the price is expected to be pocket friendly considering the other features in the phone ad having a RAM of  6GB. Higher version of this phone is also launching in the market that provides with a RAM of 8GB.

Of course this is not as cheap as the basic Androids but can be compared with any mid-range flagship. More such phones are expected to launch recently to compete with the phone and provide the exciting market with extravagant camera features.

Comparing few variants in the market:

Among the new launches there are many top-brands that are playing in the market with exclusive deals. A brief comparison can be done amongst them.

Like many brands, Samsung has come up with Quad-camera Androids that has storage up to 6GB, 8GB and even 12GB RAM. The price range of each model is very similar and affordable for all consumers. More models are coming up to provide consumers with storageof 256GB and of course of higher price range.

If we consider the 2nd competitor in the market, Xiaomi, the base android starts with storageof 6GB and can be extended 256GB. But the base variant with fewer prices allows memory extension of 64GB only. Even if we consider the highest storage variant, the price comes cheaper than Samsung

The 3rd variant in the market Asus Zenfone comes with similar features as Samsung and the price range remains similar as well.

The features and designs:

The new launch version are perfect fit of sports model that comes in with Glass made panels with 3D effect and also has display covered with frames made out of metals and alloys. You can choose from various back cover option starting from a glossy shade of black or blue or even bubble gum pink colours. The back generally is reflective in nature and to many people these phones appear as a flashy option. But they can be real style icons in the market. However, the reaction of people is yet to get recorded.

The features of the new launches takehype as the display screen are now of 6.3 inches and more preferred by the consumers. To add to the excitement, the display screen is of infinity nature giving out thin side benzels.

Considering design of the back over and display of the new phones, it is evident that they are better for regular handling since the back is made of metallic frames. However, a cover for back protection is always recommended by the company even though the mobile is not of slippery nature. The display of this phone has several modes of settings and calibration and comes with a notch of dewdrop. The basic display screen here remains protected and covered with 2.5Dimension corning glass. If you need to unlock you can use the special sensor of fingerprint and this works very fast and naturally.

A second variant of these phones comes in with a polycarbonate made mobile body. This in no ways will degraded option as it comes with its own features as well. The display screen is similarly large and is very beneficial for watching movies and playing video games.

The 3rd variant of Asuz comes in with a glass and slipperybody and is very stylish and crisp when its looks are considered. These phones get up makes it very premium in comparison to many. Being glass bodied the phone is prone to get smudges of your finger prints. The display is considered as one of the best models in the market. The price for this model is dear enough hence once shouldn’t expect a high quality of screen.

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