Osteoarthritis And Selection Of Footwear

Osteoarthritis And Selection Of Footwear

There is no question that your physical activity combat osteoarthritis pain but what role do the shoes play? Doctors believe that medication, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery are not the only treatment methods; footwear also plays an essential role.

Osteoarthritis is a disease which causes degeneration of cartilage and bony spurs at the big toe’s base which leads to bunions. Pointed shoes and high heels are painful for the patients as they exert pressure on the bunions. Shoelaces must not be tied tightly, and a shoe that doesn’t bind at the point of spur should also be avoided.

Associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Maria T. Hannan stated in her research about foot mechanics and pain in the knee, “Whether it’s their foot or brain or the whole package, it appears to work. As a proof of concept, it is very appealing”.

A wide variety of shoe styles is available from stability shoes to barefoot sneakers, and from flat walking shoes to rock-soled sneakers. However, it is important to know about which type may suit you.

Stability Shoes; Yes Or No?

These shoes protect from the impact of each step by providing cushion support to the foot. Stability shoes are one of the most recommended shoes by the podiatrists to osteoarthritis patients. However, several studies are suggesting that this type of shoes cause the joint loading at the knee. Joint loading may affect the progression of the disease negatively. It should be kept in mind that immediate pain relief is not the only aim, you ought to choose a pair that is helpful in the long run.

Why Flat walking shoes?

The relatively thin flat sneakers are known as flat-soled walking shoes. They have rigid soles with minimum cushioning and arch support. These shoes don’t impact significantly in increasing or decreasing knee loading. However, it is apparent that the difference of manufacturer can also make one better than the other. It is essential to choose wisely from whom you are buying and Mastershoe voucher code can guide you. The shoes which have soles modified to be more flexible are better.

The Purpose Of Barefoot Shoes

These shoes have really flexible soles, and the soles are too thin that they mimic barefoot walking. The difference between thin-soled and minimalist shoes is that the later have no cushion or arch support. A lot of researches supported these for they prevent pain and progression of knee osteoarthritis. Walking barefoot reduces joint loading from knee and hip so, the barefoot or minimalist shoes are the best options.

Rocker-Bottom Shoes

They promote natural heel-to-toe motion. This way the weight is reduced from the forefoot, and it relieves the pain. This type of shoe reduces knee loading, but it is still higher than the barefoot walking. Also, the patients didn’t report about these shoes yielding any significant difference in pain while walking. People with osteoarthritis need more cushion and support so, rocker-bottom can be considered.

Can’t Avoid Sandals?

Shoes are obviously better than sandals, but as women, we can’t stay away from them but what we can do is chooses them wisely and do our bodies a good. It is vital that the sandal provides proper support to the ball, arch, and heel of the foot. Sandals which have semi-rigid soles, sides and back should be considered while the sandals that can be bent from toe to heel should be avoided.

Sandals that offer sneakers footbeds are the best. Go for the bumpers the covers the heels, and toes. When buying through online promo codes and couldn’t try them out choose the sandals having risen edges above the sole as they are much sturdier and also protects from the toe stubs.


There is no such thing as an ideal shoe, shocking but true! The definition of perfect footwear varies from person to person. Some shoe might have worked for your mother, but it can make you super uncomfortable. The factors on which comfort of the footwear depends are unique to everyone and so, the shoe preferences.

Doctors all over the world suggest that it is essential to judge what affects you more and then work on to cure it. Any individual who’s making a change in their choice of shoes should make a slow transition.

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