The Impact of Your Attitude and Posture on Health

The Impact of Your Attitude and Posture on Health

Take a moment and look upon yourself, are you sitting in the correct posture? According to you, it might be a correct posture. However, that is your posture throughout the day. Since school time we have heard about “sit-straight” and all such things.

Well, today, in this blog, we are going to discuss the posture. Often the employees complain about their backache, wrist strains, and many other problems. Alongside we are also going to discuss how your attitude influences your health.

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    You will be surprised to know that a bad posture can affect you significantly thereby causing permanent injuries. We have curated down various things that can lead to your health. A bad posture can often lead to the upper body pain and lessen the functioning of the nervous system.

    Most of the times, the common issue that every individual faces are:

1.    Migraine and Headache

2.    Heart disease

3.    High blood pressure

4.    Spinal cord injury

5.    Ankle and knee problem

6.    Fatigue and low energy

7.    Constipation

8.    Insomnia and sleeping disorders

9.    Seasonal allergies

10.  Endocrine system

11.  Gastrointestinal problems

How Does Attitude Impact on Your Health?

    Attitude is everything in life. It is entirely upon you, how you take the curveball that life has thrown at you. It could be either positive or negative. 

  We often come across people who are negative in every way. These are people you avoid dealing with it.

  Even if you are physically healthy, the negative thoughts may start dwelling in your mind. We are not saying to pretend to be happy.  Instead, we are asking you to change the outlook and take it in a positive way.

  You can have a positive attitude just by maintaining three things. Those are your breath, body, and brain.

• Remember, your state of mind directly influences your breathing. At the same time, breathing can change the state of mind and body. That is why it is essential to learn about breathing.

    Every time you feel like having negative thoughts, then go for the deep breathing technique. By doing so, you will be at ease, shift you’re towards something else, and start looking it from a positive perspective.

The Impact of Your Attitude and Posture on Health

So, how do you improve the posture?

1.    Well, there are many ways you can improve the posture. To begin with, first, you need to mindful about the postures you practice. Whether it is at the workplace or while binge-watching at home – always be alert about your position.

You can set a reminder that beeps every now and then to sit in the appropriate position. At your workplace, you can use the sit-stand workstation so that you can have breaks in between.

2.    Walking Around

When we are talking about walking around the posture, then it is not about sitting in the correct way. It is also about giving rest to your body parts so, that there is no extra strain or pain in the joints. Do walk around every twenty minutes for twenty seconds. So that the legs do not become stiff.

3.    Flexibility

When you slouch down, your entire body goes out of flexibility. Hence, no matter how comforting it may feel to slouch, AVOID it at any cost. Do regular stretching that relaxes your muscle and carries out exercises that involve your spine. Ensure that you do the kind of workouts that will open up your chest, neck, shoulders, arms, and upper-middle back. Do not be harsh on yourself. Instead, try to be calmer and do it in a gentle way.

So, that was all about how attitude and posture have multiple impacts on health. Keep this thing in mind – “Health is wealth” Hence, it becomes crucial to know what is good for the health and what is not.

It is totally upon you to control the thoughts, responses, stress level, posture, and many other things. To prevent the negativity filling your mind and posture causing a permanent injury, take necessary steps from now onwards so that you don’t have to face consequences in the future.

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