7 Benefits Of High Pressure Cleaning With Hot Water

7 Benefits Of High Pressure Cleaning With Hot Water

Pressure washing with hot water is economic and so fast that you’ll need just a few minutes and a little effort. It presents no damage to the paint of your vehicle, provided that the spears have the right pressure and keep enough distance with the body of your car.

High-pressure cleaners have impressive advantages compared to the no-pressure cleaning process in terms of economy, cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

High-pressure hot water cleaners drastically increase these advantages in the cleaning of encrusted dirt. It is the best solution for most oil, grease, and albumin stains, especially when they are already embedded.

1. A clear advantage, thanks to the hot water.

High-pressure hot water cleaners can increase the water temperature from about 12 ° C to 155 ° C. This allows the working pressure, the time used and the amount of detergent used to be reduced. Thus, cleaning with hot water offers different possibilities for optimizing cleaning and convincing advantages.

2. Best cleaning result

With hot water, even fats and solidified oils emulsify much better and can be removed very easily. In the food industry, thanks to hot water, albumin and fats can be eliminated particularly effectively.

7 Benefits Of High Pressure Cleaning With Hot Water

3. Less use of detergent

In most cases, fats, oils, resins, and others can be removed only with hot water, which means that much less detergent is used or can even be dispensed with. Thus, in addition to saving costs, the environment and resources are also protected.

4. Shorter drying time

The surfaces that are cleaned with hot water dry more quickly thanks to the heat. Hence, they are available more quickly to continue treating them or giving them, another use.

5. More hygiene

After cleaning with hot water, you can see a considerable reduction in germs. For many hygienic requirements, this reduction of germs achieved without disinfectant is more than sufficient.

6. Less work time

Hot water dissolves dirt faster and, with it, allows a considerable time-saving of up to 35%. In this way, various cleaning tasks can be carried out economically and cost-effectively.

7. Higher temperature for more power.

Thermal energy is an important factor for cleaning. Heat accelerates chemical processes: each thermal increase of 10 ° C doubles the reaction rate, and an increase in temperature of 20 ° C quadruples the reaction rate. Oils, greases or soot melt faster and can be removed more easily, the emulsion of oils and fats in the water is accelerated, and the heated surface dries more quickly. In practice, higher water temperatures can reduce the cleaning time up to 35% and achieve considerably better results.

7 Benefits Of High Pressure Cleaning With Hot Water

The combination of steam without minerals and pressure can remove even the most encrusted dirt. This ensures a high cleaning performance without chemical additives. The steam effect is ideal for removing bitumen, paint in general, deposits of soot, lichens, and algae.

The disadvantages of hot pressure washers

One of the small inconveniences that may result from this method in washing vehicles is that if the dirt of the vehicle is too dry or embedded as a result of a long time without washing, it will be more difficult to eliminate it completely. The soaps that are used in pressure washes are also quite aggressive to remove dirt, and although they do not pose a major problem for the paint, they are easier to eliminate any treatment, such as wax, that we have previously applied.

However, hot pressure washing is really efficient in roof cleaning. It is a method frequently used by roof shingle cleaners.

The acquisition and maintenance costs of a high-pressure hot water cleaner are, in principle, higher compared to those of cold-water equipment, due to the additional burner and the corresponding energy consumption. However, the use of hot water allows considerable time savings of up to 35% and optimized cleaning results. In addition, in the hot water pressure washers should be deducted almost all detergent costs.

In any case, it is a highly recommended method for frequent washing after some accumulated dirt.

Residential power washing such as roof cleaning is best done by professionals. If you need a roof cleaning company, then we suggest contacting Professional Power Washer so your roof can be restored to when it was newly constructed.

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