How to Choose the Company for the Maintenance and Update of Your Web page

How to Choose the Company for the Maintenance and Update of Your Web page

The maintenance and updating of a Web page is key to the success of any company and, for this, it must adapt to the environment and satisfy the always variable expectations of the users.

Maintaining a presence on the Internet is a great job, it is not just about having a Web page working that page should be adapted to the environment, it should be updated, and it should be trying to satisfy the always variable expectations of the users.

The level of difficulty of maintaining a Web page, however, will depend on the type of project we have. I could say, without fear of being wrong, that for very small and specific projects, the task is simple, with a little time we could achieve it, but this does not happen in all cases.

I know you’re thinking that you can do it, that you do not need anyone else to keep your Web page up to date, but think about the following. If you are the one who attends the business, who is looking for clients, who closes the deals, or whatever it is that is consistent with the daily activities in your company, at what moment are you going to do it? And better yet, ask yourself, how well are you going to do it? There are plenty of reasons to outsource the maintenance of your Web page.

It is one thing to have the will to do it – we all have that – and it is quite another to have the time; In the case that we make space, we must study if that effort is all we need.

I can tell you, with all the sincerity of the world, that you cannot maintain a Web while doing a full-time job like the one that mentioned you; it is necessary that another person take charge. It is at this point that the Web design company Canberra can do Web maintenance and updating come into the scene.

Now you may be thinking, and what if I do not update anything, but only when it is fair and necessary; when I have no choice? I would not recommend you do that and the reason is obvious. Your Web page is an instrument with which you are looking to give your business a boost, if it is not kept up to date, the proposal that the user receives is probably not the correct one, not to mention that you are missing the opportunity to experiment with new strategies so that your business receives a greater boost. You must keep your Web up to date to obtain real benefits from this for your business.

Imagine that you want to launch an email marketing campaign and you do not have the time or anyone to help you create the banner with the information when could you complete that goal? You will probably be lagging behind all your ideas to the point where they forget you.

Undoubtedly, the formation of a team is essential, maybe you think you can do everything, but with time you will realize that there are things that should be delegated.

It is at this point that you should consider a monthly Web maintenance service that helps your company achieve goals.

Before I go on I want you to internalize this: the company you trust your page with must understand that it is part of your team and that it is willing to ensure the achievement of goals within its responsibilities.

What kind of updates are we talking about?

As I was saying, it’s going to depend on the type of project you have. For example, if it is a virtual store, the work of maintaining and updating the Web is constant. I can tell you right now experience with a Web page of hotels, where the room rates had to be changed every week to contemplate the offers and the discounts that the company made.

In this case, we are talking about an arduous job, since there are dozens of hotels with dozens of accommodation options, but let’s keep the main idea: the content of the Web page must be updated.

In informative pages, the change of information may not be as frequent, but obviously, something must be retouched every few minutes. In general, today most pages have a Blog and that section requires constant updating; the ideal would be daily.

What I have said so far is only the maintenance of the Web in the face of what the user sees, then you have to update elements within the system, you may also need help to analyze the behavior of the Web and provide information for Make marketing decisions, for example.

In short, the updates that a Web page receives can be:

Content update

Be it the Blog, change of static information such as company information, product or service information, price change, among others.

Interaction with the user

Many web pages have online customer service systems, for that, you need a person who answers the requests and comments, who is trained to give information. For me, this type of update of the Web is very important because it is part of the image that is reflected in your company.

Graphic updates and marketing purposes

As I said before, you probably want to launch some promotion or some strategy and you need someone else to do it. Especially when working with images, videos and elements of that kind, special attention must be paid as it directly affects what we project as a company.

You must bear in mind that these are updates to the Web page, that is, the company would only be responsible for updating the information on the site; Marketing is something else.

System updates

Depending on the complexity of the page, you will notice that the systems are different and that they need different updates. For example, if we are using Word Press and have a website of
Accounting Software, you will need someone who is aware of the update of the manager, the themes and plugins, who also advise you with respect to possible improvements you can make, for example, with regard to security on the site. It is tremendously important to update the Web system in Word Press every day that there is a new update. For the cases of Web pages in Word Press, there are exclusive services for the maintenance and optimization of Word Press Web pages.

It is very important, in this section, to remember the importance of backing up your web page and reviewing and analyzing broken links and other tasks of that kind; this must enter into the maintenance plans of the Web that you agree with the company.

Surely there will be some update that is necessary and that I have overlooked, but this is a general idea that aims to put you in a position so that you understand why you will not have time to do it by yourself.

I need help! Who do I contact? How do I select it?

How to choose the company for the maintenance and update of your Web page

Here is the dilemma of the millions of $, because I know that you, as the owner of your Web page, you are very jealous of who has access to the administration of it (we all have the same fears).

I would tell you, from the outset, to look for a company that generates trust, but you must know how to build a matrix of elements that make you say: this company is reliable. Now let’s see what inspires confidence for me.

Reputation of the company

For me, this is the most fundamental of all. I’m honest, out there many companies are going to call themselves “professionals” but not all are and you know it. Then, to be able to separate feasible options from those that are not, review the reputation.

How to Choose the Company for the Maintenance and Update of Your Web page

In general, companies that have a good reputation are proud of the work they do and have a section of testimonies that give the endorsement, as we do. It is not about choosing a company that has the most positive comments. In fact, you should read the comments and analyze your experience. It is common that when we read these comments we feel empathy and that is a good sign.


Although I like the idea of ​​giving opportunities to new professionals, if you want to be safe, it is best to hire Web maintenance services with companies that offer you some guarantee. The experience will measure the competence of the company when it comes to maintaining and updating your website, such as our maintenance experience and updating websites since 2003 we are a Digital Marketing Agency and working from last 10 years in the field. Although not necessarily the company with more years of experience is the most competent, it is a good indicative

Do not complicate it, just look for a company that has experience in what you need. Two things are already there: reputation and experience.


This is of the utmost importance, as it happens a lot that the largest companies of this type, handle many maintenance and Web update projects and are working to the fullest.

I put it in this way; If you want your website to be up to date, it is not logical to hire a company that will take care of your page when you can. We all know how it works; Many times excuses are given because they take more projects than they can.

I recommend that you look for a company that can guarantee that the tasks of updating the Web will be carried out at the time it is necessary. Remember, that Web page is there to make you earn money and maintenance of the Web cannot wait for that person, or company, to have time; that’s why you do it yourself!

System management of your page

We know that there are many web page managers today. It is recommended that the company you hire to be an expert in this type of system. I would not worry much about this, because the systems tend to be very similar and if it is a company that specializes in these services should have covered that aspect. But, of course, it never hurts that you decide for one that is an expert in your management system.

Other considerations

Although you must establish a matrix for the selection of a good company, what I have named you above is not the only thing that will determine that you hire one company over another.

The price of Web maintenance services is fundamental; obviously, you will not hire a company that charges more than what can be generated on a Web page. Above all, you must understand why they are charging you and how much they charge you for updating your Web page.

On this point, a few days ago we talked in another article about how much it costs to maintain and update a Web page where we go deeper into it.

In that sense, I would tell you to establish a list of tasks that this company will carry out and that they will budget for you from there. It does not make sense to be charged for tasks that do not apply to your Web.

The second thing we must discuss, in addition to what we have already raised, is the work plan, which is tied to what I already told you: the decision will depend on the availability of the company to fulfill the tasks in the established time.

The selection can be complex, we have already talked about an emotional factor that comes into play (“I’m afraid to give my Web page”), but if you can find that company that gives you confidence, do not hesitate to do so. You will realize that, when someone is in charge of maintaining and updating your Web page, the dynamics are better and you can connect all the efforts you make to carry out your project that is not to say that you would take a burden off.

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