Recent Innovation With PCB Design Software

Recent Innovation With PCB Design Software

In recent years PCB Design Software has improved significantly in terms of capability.  It has really taken the industry by storm with the voice of the customer (in this case the designer) really taken into account and adaptions made to make it as simple as possible.  There are many different software solutions on the web but what is the best PCB design software and what does this mean for end users?

Storage Solution

One of the biggest innovations with PCB design software packages is a storage solution.  Large companies will sometimes want to store many thousands of different designs on their platform and, until recently, this hasn’t been as smooth as it should have been.  Now with modern packages, you will find a massive increase in the drive space available to ensure that the catalog of different designs can be viewed, accessed and amended by many different people.  Gone are the days where things had to be saved on several different hard drives in order to accommodate the growing demand for designs.  The storage solution is central but also secure and protected.  With the current threats around companies at the moment in relation to potential cyber-attacks, this is crucial.

Reduce Human Generated Errors

One of the biggest flaws in some software designs is the ability to have the output released with human errors contained within it.  When a designer is completing a complex design, it is only natural to make a mistake with concentration, complacency and distractions all having a part to play with this.  The advanced PCB design has this in mind and there are rules-driven design features to stop you from going down this rabbit hole.  In addition to this, in terms of error proofing, the designer has the option to run a simulation whilst designing the product.  This can be done at any time, however, the most powerful time to do this will be when the part is complete.  Run the simulation at this point and you can effectively see if the part meets the design intent.  Not all simulation faults will be shown up through this method but a large majority of them will make this an extremely powerful source.

Help Where Needed

Due to the number of changes that are made with this software and the updates in versions that become apparent, there is always a level of training made available for people to get.  This can be as simple as some online training or there are additional training resources made available.  If you run a large corporation where lots of employees are then expected to use this software, you may wish to get a larger scale of training completed.  This helps ensure that all employees (even the ones that have experience in the software) and trained to the same standard and will take a consistent approach.

We fully expect that the PCB software will continue to innovate and the need for software updates will become more apparent.

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