Why Is It Important To Take AMC For Water Purifiers?

Similar to our vehicle, or the washing machine, our domestic, as well as commercial purpose RO water purifier needs regular maintenance to work efficiently. For continuous and proper functioning, one should not ignore the routine maintenance services. Otherwise, there is every possible chance to burn a hole in your pocket for major repair and replacement costs. Eventually, the brand you have chosen to buy your water purifier from is responsible for providing you with a comprehensive and annual maintenance contract (AMC) for 3- 5 years. Moreover, handy discounts and cash back offers often come as extra gifts for services and replacements.

It is said that not opting for an AMC is not a wise decision, as it multiplies the risks of drinking contaminated water and water-borne diseases.  Right after the water purifier’s warranty has expired, it is always better to call for the annual servicing and repairing to eliminate the chances of malfunctioning and premature aging of the water purifier. This work in many ways, including saving your family from diseases and increasing the life of the purifier itself.

It is of utmost importance to maintain the health of your water purifier. Aquaguard AMC costs as many as Rs. 8000, depending on the purifier model, and functionalities.  

So, before you spend on an AMC, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Make sure you know what are the benefits that your AMC comprises of. Regular services, maintenance of the mesh membrane, UV light, and carbon filter and changing a few parts come without asking. Do not to fall for marketing tricks and check for hidden costs.


Always book a servicing from the brand itself to save your water purifier from an installation of replica parts and filters. Do not fall for low prices provided by your local shop as they may be masking lookalike parts which will cost you more in the long run. The service personnel who come to your from right from the company, are always well trained, and undertake necessary measures to repair or change parts of your water purifier. If compared to local AMC providers other than the brand itself, hiring the product manufacturers to give you an advantage of installing only authentic spare parts by well-trained staff.


Check reviews and ratings of customers to get a fair idea of the type of service to expect. Rely on those and make the informed choice.

Companies selling water purifiers are often termed as a villain for charging more for their customer services and AMCs. However, low prices are not necessarily an indicator of good service. When companies ask you for a few hundred rupees extra, they make sure to provide a service for your water purifier so that you can have pure filtered water throughout the year.

The benefit lies in multiple schemes of AMC to suit different needs. 1 and 2 years extended warranty; 1 year extended warranty provides an additional year of comprehensive AMC, 10% for the 1-year AMC and 15% for the 2-year AMC are to name a few common schemes.

So do your research, read reviews and make wise decisions before signing up for the AMC.

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