What to do When You are Bored: 31 Things to Do

What to do When You are Bored

Got a day off from your hectic schedule? Ahh! Such a relief, right? Late breakfast, watching favorite TV shows, decorating the house- all you can do to make the most out of your off day. Though it’s a great feeling thinking you have plenty of free time, it’s quite easy to start getting bored suddenly. Instead of scrolling through your friend’s fun post on Instagram and getting frustrated on your boring day, discover some exciting activities. We’ve picked quite a hand full of outdoor and indoor stuff you can do to bust your boredom. Choose anything depending on your mood and turn “I m feeling bored” into “I am enjoying the day.” Here is what to do when you are bored?

31 Relaxing Things to do When Bored

1. Organizing House

Organizing House

i. Clean your home from a corner to corner

A messed up room can force you to strike boredom often. So cleaning the place where you stay can help you feel better. Wash the dishes, do the dusting- all these simple tasks can lift your mood instantly.

ii. Wipe your windows

Windows are the valves of our house, which let fresh breeze touch you in every morning. But this is the most forgotten part when it comes to washing. So keep some time apart and wipe your windows. Play of sunshine all over your room may boost your mood! Try it.

iii. Clean your makeup kit

Your skin will literally applaud if you take some time off to clean your makeup brushes or beauty blender. You will also feel good next time when you put on your makeup and go for a party maybe.

iv. Go through all of your bags and purses

When we change a bag on a busy day, it’s quite natural to leave things behind. As in, unused bills, receipts, tickets, or visiting cards all keep our purses or bags filled. So clean it up and throw unnecessary stuff. Who knows you may find your favorite pen or lipstick, you’ve been looking for a while!

v. Clean out your closet

Sometimes we force our closet to take extra burden of unused clothes. So it’s the time to sort it out and make space for the clothes you actually love to wear. You can click a picture of your spare dresses and find a new home for it online.

vi. Renovate your Kitchen

A messed up kitchen is the depot of health issues. If you don’t have time to clean it on a working day, try cleaning it on an off day or when you are bored. Master the art of organizing your kitchen like a pro and have the mental pleasure or say adieu to your boredom.

2. Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

i. Paint your nails

You can arrange an at-home spa or manicure-pedicure. Choose a nail paint with trending hue and design your nails. Make yourself feel good by finishing your nail art with a dashing coat.

ii. A bubble bath

Let your bathtub come into a role and give you the peace of mind. Fill it up with the mountain of sparkling bubbles and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

iii. Get a trendy haircut

Looking good is always the best option to throw off boredom. So don’t give it a second thought. Head to your favorite salon and get a refresh look with trimmed hair. If you want to keep it more attractive, dye your hair with ombre red or the color of your choice.

iv. Try a face mask

Nourishing and nurturing our skin should be the priority. But most of us fail because of the busy days or work pressure. So, an off day can be an excellent opportunity to take care of your dear skin. Find out the issues of your skin and apply a face mask according to it.

v. Listen to your favorite songs

A good song has healing power. So in case you are going through a mental trauma or pressure, just put your headphones on and play your favorite song.

vi. Watch your favorite rom-com

A romantic comedy movie can instantly freshen up your mood. If you are fond of watching romantic or comedy movies, then try doing the same when you are immensely bored.

Or treat yourself with a movie date

You don’t always need a partner to go out and watch the latest movie. Just gift wrap a movie ticket and treat your self with the peace of mind. Bust the myth of going movie solo is intimidating and find your joy without worrying about a plus-one.

vii. Plan to fill your travel diary

If you are a hardcore traveler then, it’s the time to plan for your next gateway. Finding out time for planning on a busy day is nothing but a hurdle. So it’s the time when you can actually plan something constructive instead of daydreaming about flying off to the Maldives and soaking yourself in the soothing sunlight.

viii. Start a blog

When you think you have ample time and no such things are there to do, start writing your own blog. Be a little creative and give your ideas, the wings of words. Jot down all your thoughts and make it published to let people know.

ix. Watch mediation video

You find the depth of mental peace only when you can absorb the harmony of your surroundings. It’s quite hard, but doing so can nourish the juvenile inner you. And nothing can be better than a Mediation Video to guide you through the path of tuning with your surroundings.

3. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

i. Visit your favorite Restaurant

What can be better than having great food on a sunny no workday? So whenever you are feeling bored at home, just visit your favorite cafe or restaurant and ask them to set the table outside under the bright sunlight.

ii. Go for a long walk

No matter it’s morning or evening, fresh air or the smell of blooming flowers can take away all your stress. So go for a long walk and make most of the beautiful day.

iii. Do some physical workout

If you are bored and nothing shoots your mood right now, sweating on can be a great choice. Clad yourself with your favorite workout outfit and burn some extra calories along with your stress.

iv. Treat your pet as a friend

If you are a pet person, take out your lively kid for a walk. No matter it’s a dog, cat, or little rabbit, he/she will love to go out with his/her favorite person.

v. Start gardening

It’s the time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for a useful purpose. Plant some small trees and enjoy the de-stressing benefits along with an intense workout while digging up the soil or watering it.

vi. Go for a bike ride

Explore your neighborhood and the calmness of nature while riding on a bike. Take a quick tour of your surroundings and set yourself free in the lap of greenery.

vii. Go to the beach

Dab quite a significant quantity of sunscreen, grab a beach towel, and be on your feet to explore the day of relaxation on a beach. Put on your favorite beachwear and take a sunbath on a shiny summer day.

4. Get Creative

Get Creative

i. Jot down summer reading list and order now

It can be an engaging work to burst out your boredom. Start preparing for your summer days and make a summer reading list now. Imagine the peace of reading your favorite novel just underneath the sun, laying down on the soft meadow.

ii. Download an audiobook

In case you can’t just carry a book or don’t have enough space, go to the web and search for an audiobook of your favorite author. Listen to the audiobook whenever you are bored or in search of tranquility.

iii. Try a coloring app

Coloring books for adults are available in offline stores or online. If you don’t want to go to a store, just download a coloring app from the mobile store. Create masterpieces and let excel the artist in you.

iv. Create a custom photo book

Those days are gone when you had to wait long to make a custom photo book. Nowadays, you can instantly create your own personalized photo book with your desired photos instantly. So make your own and have the feel of artistic creation.

v. Try a new recipe

Many of us love to eat delicious dishes when in stress. So head to the kitchen put on your apron and try making something new. Once done, grab the plate of joy and have the first bite of your new invention. Trust me; it’s going to leave you awe-struck for a moment. Just like the joy of a mother when she heard the first cry of her baby!

vi. Make homemade ice creams

Give your sweet tooth the real pleasure by making ice creams at home. It’s not always required to head towards an ice cream parlor and spend bucks over it. You can round up the ingredients and make on your own.

vii. Work on your bucket list

Many of us dream of doing lots of things before we turn 30 or a certain age. But time doesn’t do justice. So we just keep dreaming and dreaming. Since you’ve got ample of free time for a day, create your own bucket list now.

Do these activities as per your mood. If you want more options regarding what to do when you are bored?- Feel free to leave your words below. Also, let us know if you prefer doing something else to spend your leisure time. Stay healthy, stay stress-free!

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