10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

Have you ever turned down by multiple bloggers when reaching out to them for your guest post? If yes then there are two main reasons for that. First is that they didn’t like your article and second is the content was irrelevant to their blog.

If you are having problem no.1 then there are many factors you should consider when writing a guest post. But first, let us talk about guest blogging.

Guest blogging is an SEO technique using which you can increase your site traffic by promoting your link on the target’s website. The technique is used by most of the bloggers as it is very cost effective and brings faster results.

For a successful outreach campaign first, you need to write awesome content that they will happily accept.

In order to get accepted there some keen points, you need to keep in mind when writing a guest post for someone. Let’s have a look.

  1. Choose a specific goal for your each guest post.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

First of all, you need to the end goal for your every guest post. There can be thousands of goal for a specific guest post such as promoting your website, building relationship with others, influencing people, become the authority in your niche or just help others by sharing your expertise on a particular subject.

By deciding your goal prior to guest post you can write your article accordingly and share your expertise on a specific subject effectively that will add value to readers.

  1. Check out the guest post guidelines.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

Before you start writing your article like a mad man, hold your horses and pay close attention to their guidelines otherwise your whole article may get wasted.

Sometimes they may ask you to write on a specific topic or your written article may have covered in their blog already.

Also, try to follow their writing styles and structure if you need to get approved. Furthermore, keep in mind their audience and article length to express your thoughts to not to create an understanding gap.

  1. Share your expertise.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

If you are writing the article just for backlinks then you may not get your guest post published on a particular site. Provide your expertise on that specific subject and make it more practical and actionable.

Don’t make fake claims that you can’t back up. Try to provide tips that everyone can implement and which will add some real value to your readers.

You have written awesome content then people will definitely share on social media and also they would link to your guest post. This way your ranking will go up in SERPs.

  1. Write a catchy headline.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

Say if you have researched well your topic and wrote an awesome and authoritative article for your next guest post but if your headline isn’t attractive then it will all go to waste.

Sometimes editors will just reject your guest post just by reading the headline. It is one of the main reasons why you need to come up with a catchy headline.

You may not know this but most of the people only click on the article if the headline interests them otherwise they will skip the article.

So if you are doing guest posting to promote your brand or influence people you won’t get any exposure at all.

  1. Create a flow.

When writing a guest post keep in mind the target audience. If your article isn’t fun to read then why would editor will approve it in the first place.

Write as if you are telling a story so the audience will stick to the article. Your idea or message should be understood by every reader.

For example, if you are writing a review article then you should write as if you have used a product and what are the cons and pros of using that particular product.

  1. Write in a conversational tone.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

If you read an article then you may notice that most of the pro writers use the conversational tones to engage their readers.

Use “I” instead of “WE” and as I said earlier, write as if you are speaking to them in person, this way the readers will trust you and feel more comfortable when reading your article.

Never use formal tone as if you writing any legal document, this is the biggest mistake newbie writers make.

By keeping the writing style in a conversational tone the readers won’t get bored no matter how long your article is.

  1. Insert relevant and useful information/case studies.

When writing an article don’t forget to add relevant information which will help your readers understand even more the particular subject.

When you attach case studies people tend to trust the article and see you as an expert on that subject. And also like I said, don’t make fake claims, people aren’t dumb.

They will easily caught you and never trust you even if you are expert on that subject.

  1. Insert some visuals.

If you have written gigantic paragraphs and haven’t included any video or images then your article will look boring and no one will read it.

Focus on features image of post. If your featured image is super cool then people will definitely click on that out of curiosity.

Also after some section of article try to add some funny looking pictures that keep your readers attracted towards the article.

  1. Always proofread your article.

10 Essential Tips For Writing An Excellent Guest Blog

Sometimes we are thinking something and when we are writing down our thoughts in notepad we might forget some of the words.

And we just submit that post as it is but it might have many grammar mistakes or flaws. So it is standard practice to proofread your blog.

After completing the article read it again and again. If you think that removing a particular sentence or by changing it will do any good then go ahead and do it.

I suggest you to use Grammarly to find any grammar mistakes or inconsistency in wording. Grammarly’s pro version is amazing, you should try it too.

Final Words.

So these were some of the tips you should consider when writing a guest post. Try to be as authentic and genuine as possible. Don’t write for backlinks but write to help people.

Genuinely care about them and if they find your article to be really helpful then people would really link back to it and it will go viral.

If you have any other tips that you would like to share without an audience then go ahead and do so.

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