The best paint colour for your living room!!!


When you are planning to renovate your home, the very first thing which you have to pay attention to is the paint colour. Choose from earthy neutrals to dark and bold colours which are ready to give statement features. The right colour can create a great ambiance while the wrong one can degrade the entire look of it. Before you decide on the colour for the living room, hire professional long distance movers to complete your relocation process. Now check out the list of colours to select from:  


To make it more spacious and larger than it is, Gray is just a great colour to add. This elegant colour suits all the modernist decors as well as the traditional ones. Though the colour is suitable for any room this neutral colour is just perfect and you don’t have to pay attention to anything when selecting because it suits all kinds of decors. A wide array of gays is present there like steel Gray, a light Gray, the dark one, and much more to pick from according to the interior design you want to have. 


It is a go-to neutral colour and perfect for the entire home not just for this room only. Those who like to have minimalist look should opt for this. It creates a stunning and classy effect on your space. You can team it up with bright artwork to display an amazing look. 


Those who are looking for mixed bold patterns should pick this one. Navy blue colour striping patterns are used in many homes to balance the light and bold colour. 


Cream colour adds warmth to a space without considering its size and height. You can divide the room into different zones to create intimacy and can add a soft glaze of cream to have a rich look. Accessories can be added for a striking appearance. 

Dusty Rose 

This unique composition fresh up the bold pastels and rich earthy tones. This creates a great visual appearance making it have an impressive look. 


This soothing tone is good to add. You should partition the seating area from an open kitchen to let having a conversation between the cook and a guest. You can have customized furniture items according to the home style. 


White colour is always brilliant no matter where you use it. It transforms a space completely when used on the ceilings and walls of any space. If your living room is small then this is just a perfect colour option. 


Though many people hesitate in using black it offers a pleasurable richness and depth to a space that everyone will like. If used in contrast along with white then it will change the entire light and space and creates a wondering look in no time. 


Nothing pops like the blue colour of the living room. This is the shade that has the capability to transform the entire space. The blue hue creates a pleasurable space where you will like to experiment and spend time. Dark blue, tiffany blue or sky blue are some of the shades of colour to opt for. 


Create a calming atmosphere with the green colour. It works like a spa-style bathroom that makes you spend and enjoy relaxing moments. This also inspires creativity and spontaneity and offers numerous numbers of benefits to the homeowners making it an ideal choice for all to add. 

Additional tips: 

  • To create a snug space, a deep and earthy colour shade is great to create a relaxed and inviting ambiance. 
  • Sometimes picking something subtle is great instead of going for big and bold statements and also creates an elegant look to a space. 
  • Colour theory of colour wheel is great to know how colours relate to each other. Just learn the basics of it and you will be able to select the right shade as per the requirements. Go creative and look outside for different ideas. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

The living room has also been the most important space present in any home. Here all the family members spend their most of time relaxing and getting entertained. You need to create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance here. The wide array of tones listed above helps you to pick the best one for you. 


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